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The SJS Reading Reward

The SJS Reading Reward


Here at Sholing Junior School, we expect children to read at home with an adult 3 times a week. However, many of our children go above and beyond this expectation, and we feel that this should be rewarded, and showcases many of our Learning Behaviours: Motivation, Communication, Reflection and sometimes even Resilience!


This is where the rewards come in!


Children gain house points for every time that they read and it is documented by an adult in their Reading Record. 

Over a 3 week period, if a child is meeting the expectations, they will have read 9 times. 

If a child reads 4 times a week, within 3 weeks, they will have read 12 times. By achieving this, children are then issued a Golden Reading Ticket, giving them access to a Friday lunchtime reward.


The reward is only revealed on the day of the event, to keep a surprise element about it however, they run along the lines of, sports games on the field, discos, board game bonanzas, films etc...


There is a secondary competition with this reading reward though that keeps the "buzz" about reading humming around the school and that is about winning the Reading Trophy! 

The class that has the most number of children that attend the Reading Reward is presented with the Reading Trophy in our Celebration Assembly and earns a Storytime with Miss Waight in the following week.





September 27th 2019:                        154 children earned their Golden Ticket!

October 17th 2019:                             206 children earned their Golden Ticket!

November 15th 2019:                          133 children earned their Golden Ticket!

December 6th 2019:                          159 children earned their Golden Ticket!

December 20th 2019:                          ??? children earned their Golden Ticket!

January 24th 2020:                              175 children earned their Golden Ticket!

February 13th 2020:                              148 children earned their Golden Ticket!

Not sure what to read next?

Check out the recommendations for your year group on our website or have a gander at our BOOKFLIX display in the Library. This display shows you texts that link to the topics being taught in your year group at the moment as well as what is trending!