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Environmental Pledge

Clean Air Day Thursday 15th June 2023

Clean Air Day Thursday 15th June 2023

Clean Air Day is the UK's largest Air Pollution Campaign and we supported the event as a whole school with great success. Every class talked about air pollution, what it is and how we can reduce it. Every child wrote a Clean Air Day Pledge, one small change they can make to improve air quality. With everyone in the school making one small change we can work together to make a big change. Small Steps=A Big Change.

 Every class worked together to look at the Lungs Air Quality Exhibit, lent to us by the Air Quality Team Southampton City Council(Thank you SCC) and discussed the facts around air pollution and how we can improve it.

Then the Junior Travel Ambassadors put up everyone's Clean Air Day Pledge on a display in the hall in order for the whole school to see the impact of everyone working together to make one small change.

We can repair the air together. Keep up the great work Sholing Juniors.

Child Friendly Southampton Report

The Child Friendly Southampton Team came in to consult with the JTAs

Consultation with with the Child Friendly Southampton Team

On Thursday 5th January the JTAs meet with Sallie from the Child Friendly Southampton Team. They came into school to consult with the young people and to find out what their thoughts are about their city and what they would like for the future to make their city even more child friendly. They wrote and drew their ideas and then were given three votes each to find out what they think their top areas for development are in our city. Sallie took away the votes and will add them to the other 1400 votes across the city and from that they will draw up a plan. Then, over the next 4years Southampton City Council will put that plan into action. This was a fantastic and important opportunity for our young people to be involved with deciding what they want from their city. To find out more click on the video and also read the report. A huge thank you to the Child Friendly Team for coming into Sholing Juniors and we look forward to your next visit with an update.

Modeshift STARS Awards

For more information about the Modeshift STARS Awards Event in London, click on the link below to their website.

FREE -October half term cycling skills

Sign up for the following children’s cycling events, run by SUSTRANS Bike It Ray, Southampton City Council. These events are free:

Ditch the Stabiliser – Learn to ride lessons

Cycling Skills for new and experienced riders

Click on the link:


Modeshift STARS National School Travel Awards Celebration Event, London, 2022

Modeshift STARS National School Travel Awards Celebration Event 2022


On Thursday 20th October, Sholing Juniors were invited to the Modeshift STARS National School Travel Awards Celebration Event 2022, London. To reach this stage a school has to be awarded the Local Education Authority Travel Award, then they have to have  been awarded the Regional School for active Travel. As you are aware we had been awarded both. This was the third time we have made it to the Nationals! I believe only 11 schools had been invited that day out of approximately 4000 schools in the UK. Have a look at all the great work they do:


It was an absolute privilege to take 4 incredible Junior Travel Ambassadors up to London for the day to represent Sholing Junior School at these prestigious awards. The JTAs gave a brilliant presentation to all who attended outlining all the incredible work the JTAs do to promote active travel. I think we all agree that they go above and beyond to encourage everyone at Sholing Juniors to actively travel both to and from school and during the rest of the week.


We had a fabulous time taking the train up to London and boarding  a Thames Clipper, travelling the Thames and seeing the sights of London.


All the schools that had been invited to the awards had worked so incredibly hard to promote and encourage active travel within their school community and it was extremley tough competition. Congratulations to all the schools who attended.


Unfortunately we didn't win the Nationals however, with all the hard work our JTAs put into promoting and educating everyone at Sholing Juniors about the importance of active travel that will last them a lifetime and change habits that will have a huge impact on the environment, I believe they are absolute winners.


Well done to Phillamore Junior School in Sheffeild on their amazing achievement and all their hard work.


Changes To the Highway Code

As you May be aware, there were changes to the Highway Code on 29th January. Rules for all types of road users have been updated in The Highway Code to improve the safety of people walking, cycling and riding horses. Please click on the link below to see the 8 main changes we all need to know about.

Congratulations on receiving Modeshift STARS Platinum Award

Modeshift STARS Platinum Award Celebration Assembly

Still image for this video
Southampton City Council produced this video of our Modeshift STARS Platinum Award Assembly. Thank you, it's great.

The Body Scan Meditation | Cosmic Kids: Zen Den

A weekly 15-minute meditation which works for both kids and grown-ups! Benefits: improved self awareness, deep relaxation and better focus 😌☀️ 🌈 ...

Be Bright Be Seen Day Thursday 18th November

JTA Road Safety Week Poster Competition

Reply from Southampton City Council

Reply from the Cabinet Office

The JTAs wrote to Boris Johnson at COP26 and Local MPs about their hopes, dreams and what they want for our future with the environment.

All our Hard Work This Year

Still image for this video
Watch the video to see the reason why we are Modeshift STARS School of the SE Engalnd!

Why are Sholing Junior School working with TerraCycle?

TerraCycle is Eliminating the Idea of Waste® by recycling the "non-recyclable." Whether it's plastic rulers or pens from a school, TerraCycle can collect and recycle almost any form of waste. We partner with individual collectors including Sholing Junior School across 20 different countries. As a result we are able to divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills and incinerators each month.

For more information, click this link:


Our Recyling Links

Modeshift Stars Award

Modeshift STARS South East School of the Region Event 2020/21

We won Modeshift STARS school of the region(SE England). We were nominated by Southampton City Council because of all of the wonderful activities the JTAs do to promote active travel at Sholing Junior School. Well done everyone! We are now going through to the finals on Friday 9th July. Fingers crossed everyone!

Scooter Challenge Results 2021


Well done everyone on making a real effort at scooting to school for Scooter Challenge week in June. Here are the results that have just been sent to me:


In First place was Ludlow Junior School!

Ludlow Juniors have won themselves an amazing top of the range SPRITE CLASSIC MICRO SCOOTER AND a fantastic SCOOTER POD so that more pupils can store their scooters safely at school.

And in 2nd place:  Banister Primary School  who have won themselves an amazing top of the range SPRITE CLASSIC MICRO SCOOTER!

and in joint 3rd place are:   Moorlands Primary School and Sholing Junior School who have each won a fantastic Oxelo Town 5XL adult scooter!


Well done to all the schools that entered, let's work together as a city to get more people actively travelling.

My Journey Primary Clean Air film

Meet Baron Karl Von Drais de Saurbrun, who invented the 'street walker' in 1817. He speaks on the importance of making a positive environmental difference in...

Thank you Bike It Ray and Bike It Rachel

Bike It Ray and Bike It Rachel came into school to deliver scooter training sessions to all the children in Year 4. Not only did everyone have a great time(including Bike It Ray and Bike It Rachel) but lots of great scooter skills were learnt as well, including pavement etiquette and crossing the road safely with your scooter.

  In addition to this, there was a Scooter Doctor session in the morning for anyone in the school who wanted to get their scooters checked over. A massive thank you to both Bike It Rachel and Bike It Ray.

Well done everyone with Scooter Challenge

Scooter Challenge Monday 14th June - Friday 18th June

The Big Pedal Monday 19th April-Friday 30th April

The Big Pedal Monday 19th -30th April

For more information click on the Active Travel icon below.

"Let's start an epidemic of happiness" 

Click on the link below for a digital wellbeing guidebook to support children aged 7-12 years brought to you by Happy Space and Now and Beyond. Lots of useful tips and ideas to go to when you need a mental wellbeing toolkit.

The Scooter safety  L Check


As we are probably using our scooters a little bit more, here is a great video clip from SUSTRANS to check if you scooter is safe to ride - the L check. Always remember to ride your scooter safely and wear a helmet. Click on the link below to watch:


For top tips on learning to ride a scooter, click on the SUSTRANS link below:


Have fun and scooter safely.

5 Ways to Wellbeing


                                  Children’s Mental Health Week (CMHW) runs 1st – 7th February, and we believe that being active and away from screens is especially important for your pupils’ wellbeing in these challenging times.

  Jenny Babey (the SUSTRANS school officer) and her colleagues have produced some video clips for a different activity for each day to stay healthy and active. All the activities are based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing:

Be Active

Take notice

Keep Learning



You will find the links and everything you need on the link below:


Have a look at these activities, which are all fun and easy things everyone can do and discover what’s around us.

Have fun and enjoy.

My Journey Wellbeing Pages January 2021


Click on the link below for loads of really useful advice and activities on staying fit and healthy.

Hi Everyone,

               A lot of the links for Healthy Schools activities have been added to the Mindfulness section of Home learning section of the website. So take a look at all the resources available, there are lots of ideas for your daily walks. 

Meditation Stories

Here are some really relaxing meditation stories, really useful if you find it tricky to fall asleep.

Sleepy Stream

The Sleep Train



Here's another great guided mindfulness clip, just click on the link. Remember you can do them as many times as you want. Which one is your favourite so far?

Your Secret Treehouse

Joe Wicks 5 minute work outs

Here are some great links for 5 minute workouts, :

Kids Workout 1

Kids Workout 2

Kids Workout 3

More great mindfulness clips to follow and try at homesmiley

Click on the links below:


Thought Bubbles


Mini the Puppy


3 Minute Body Scan


Yes You Can!


How To Beat Nerves


The Owl and The Guard Dog


The Listening Game



Change 4 Life

Do you need some tasty, healthy ideas for lunchboxes? Have a look at the Change 4 Life Website.

Mindfulness Minute

You might have heard your child talk about a Mindfulness Minute, what is it? It is just learning how to stop for one minute and focus on the present. A great explanation as to why we think it's a good idea to know how to do this is in the following clip:

You can read more about Sholing Junior School's successes and community work below.