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At Sholing Junior School safeguarding children is our highest priority.

All our staff receive safeguarding training at least annually.

Regular safety guidance, updates and links for parents and children are also available on our school newsletters.


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is:

Matt Abbott (Head Teacher - HT)


Our deputy designated safeguarding leads (DDSL) are:

Lynn Rickards (Family Inclusion Support Officer - FISO)

Danielle Lebbern (Assistant Head Teacher - AHT)

Rich Hutchinson (Deputy Head teacher - DHT)

Laura Flanagan (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - SENCO)


The school's safeguarding governor is: 

Jane Butler


Making contact:

If you feel a child is in immediate danger, we would always advise to contact the police.


If you need to alert one of the DSLs or DDSLs shown above to a safeguarding concern, please make contact in one of the following ways:


  • Call the school on 02380 447448 and ask to speak to one of the members of staff shown above - all our DSLs and DDSLs receive in-depth safeguarding training.
  • Speak to one of the members of staff on the school gate (you can ask to speak privately if necessary and we will arrange for this to happen). 
  • Emailing the school on*(note that this will go to all DSLs). 
  • Emailing the school on (if it is a non-urgent matter). 
  • Emailing Jane Butler (safeguarding governor) via the email*


*please note that these email addresses will be live from 1st December 2023. In the meantime, please contact DSLs using one of the alternative routes shown above. 


Online/Internet Concerns


If you are a parent or child and have concerns about your safety online, this website is an excellent place to find out more information about staying safe or to make a direct report. You can close the web page quickly if you are worried.