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Home Learning

Welcome to Sholing Junior School's 'Home Learning' page.

Here, you will find lots of links to online resources and activities to support you at home. For those children either shielding or awaiting the results of a test, the following links will allow you to continue your learning from home.

A number of activities can be printed and completed at home. You can bring these activities in a folder when you return to school. If you do not have access to a printer, you can complete work on paper, copying tasks down from the computer/tablet/phone screen!

If you are isolating or awaiting a test result


We are really sorry if you need to stay at home to isolate at the moment.  We hope you are feeling okay.

Attached is some learning to complete while you feel well.  If you become poorly, your adults at home might decide you need to stop doing the work.

Each day there are four lessons to complete, some reading, some exercise and a quick chat with one of the adults back at school so we can see how you are.  These are the things that will make up your new school day while you are at home-

  • An English lesson
  • A maths lesson (PLEASE USE THE LINK FOR THE WHITE ROSE - Chose the correct Year group and remember which week we are currently in for example, if we are in week four of the term, click the link to week four and work through the videos.) 
  • A history lesson
  • An art lesson
  • Reading on your own for 20 minutes.

Attached are your lessons for each day – you can search using instructions in the coloured boxes or just click on the blue link for each lesson.

Sometimes the video might ask you to pause and do the quiz.  Don’t worry if you can’t do this.  The most important thing is to watch the video. You will find the links under each Year Group Home Learning section below.

Year 3 Learning

Year 3 Daily Lessons Are Here!

Year 4 Learning

Year 4 Daily Lessons are Here

Year 5 Learning

Year 5 Daily Lessons are Here

Year 6 Learning

Year 6 Daily Lessons are Here

BBC Bitesize Lessons

Superb Home Learning Resources (click here)


Some Useful Learning Links - Please ensure internet safety by supervising your child.

Keep Calm and Rock On

Sumdog is an online programme that encourages each child to enjoy mathematics and spelling. The online learning service is used by millions of children worldwide and use engaging game-based learning to motivate and build confidence. Why not explore these activities with your child?


Sumdog also has an APP which you can download to your device. More details are available here:


'Sir Linkalot' - Award-winning spelling app

'Sir Linkalot' - Award-winning spelling app

You can download the ‘Sir Linkalot’ app from the online store onto a mobile or tablet for free. Once you have downloaded it from an online store, please tap on the log icon (for 'Log in') at the top right, clicking on ''Sir Linkalot's Code (schools only)''. Type 'Hamwic' in the username and the following password AA2KSF2C3J. You can also view it on a laptop or PC. Type in the browser itself (not a search engine) and follow the above instructions.

Year 5's Gallery of Home Learning

Look at the photographs above.  Can you guess who the member of staff is and where the photograph was taken?  Answers for the previous week every Monday!