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Week Commencing 22nd June




Today’s task will be guided reading questions based on Chapters 19-22. If you have not read this far, please make sure you take time to read on in the text.


Read Chapter 23.

We now know more information about what Camp Green Lake was like many years ago. We would like you to write a setting description about Camp Green Lake. What was the lake like? What buildings were there in town? What were they made of? What are the people doing?

If you have access to the internet, this clip will help you too.

You may wish to complete this on a google docs and send to the Year 6 email or take a photo of your work.


Read Chapter 25 and 26. Read the PowerPoint about Black History.

Answer the 4 questions on slides 1 and 2 of the PowerPoint.

Read the newspaper advertisement and answer the questions.


On Thursday and Friday you need to create a wanted poster based on Kissin’ Kate Barlow.

We now know lots of information about Kate Barlow based on the previous chapters we have read.

You might want to include why she is wanted, a picture of her, a reward prize if she is caught and details about previous crimes committed by her.

If you want to, you could tea-stain some paper and create your wanted poster on that for great effect!

Read Chapter 28 - write down what parts of the story you have enjoyed so far.


Topic Challenge

As you all may, or may not know, this week is

‘National Sports Week’

This Year, there are many sporting event that need to be put on hold. This includes The Olympics Games, Wimbledon, Euro 2020 and most significantly, Sholing Junior School Sports Day.

To also coincide with the beautiful weather that we here at Sholing Juniors have arranged for you all this week, we want you to run faster, jump higher, and push yourselves further than ever before.

Citius - Altius – Fortius

(Faster – Higher – Stronger)