Sholing Junior School

Achieving Together

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At Sholing, we encourage children to develop maths skills that enable them to explore and solve problems encountered in the outside world. Our maths curriculum teaches and develops a logical approach to solving problems and develops mental strategies.


We believe that every child has a right to these skills and through a range of activities, we aim to provide them with a ‘tool box’ that they can apply when solving ‘real life’ problems. Children are encouraged to select the strategy or ‘tool’ that will help them to tackle the problem in the most efficient and accurate way.


Regular workshops for parents are used to share these strategies and support the learning of maths at home. Children explore the key concepts of Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics.


The majority of maths taught at Sholing is done through a daily maths lesson, however maths is linked to all National Curriculum areas in some way.

By making links between these areas and encouraging children to apply their maths skills and develop reasoning, we aim to ensure that they are confident and enthusiastic in their approach to maths learning.