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We have a practical approach to the teaching of a modern foreign language at Sholing Junior School. There is a strong emphasis on speaking and listening and the children are given many opportunities to speak with each other, in Spanish, during their lessons and around the school. There are also opportunities in class for children to access Spanish beyond their weekly lesson. Instructions are often given in Spanish to extend the children’s access to it and enhance the opportunities they have to develop new vocabulary.

We are fortunate to have some Spanish speakers at the school, as well as the wider school community. We find that our Spanish curriculum enables us to celebrate the home language of our Spanish speaking children and their families. The children themselves are enthusiastic in demonstrating their Spanish skills and are actively encouraged to take part in lesson demonstrations and lead speaking and listening tasks.

The teaching of a modern foreign language is a statutory requirement in KS 2. At Sholing Junior School, we begin our Spanish teaching in Year 3 to give the children access to a modern foreign language at an age that they are particularly receptive. The teaching in relates to themes that are of particular interest to the children to promote contextual relevance. The curriculum across the school is also supported with songs and games in Spanish.

We have good links with the local language hub and staff have received training, including external support, from this group.

We are pleased with the development of the subject so far and will continue to build on this as the children move up to through the school and prepare for KS3 as Spanish is also taught at our local secondary schools.

Curriculum Overview