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School Improvement Plan

A School Improvement Plan or Raising Attainment Plan is a tactical, short-term plan to help raise standards and improve outcomes for all children.  You can see Sholing Junior School's ongoing targets and desired impacts in the document below.

Sholing Junior School Improvement Plan 2019-20




Further develop teaching and learning strategies to enable pupils to make expected or more than expected progress.  (Progress outcomes for writing (end of KS 2) 2019 were -3.10 compared to national)



Address gaps in reading for pupils who enter the school at WTS and support weakest readers to catch up quickly

Raise teacher expectations for SEN pupils

Enhance the full scope of the reading curriculum, including home reading



Further develop the wider curriculum to sequence skills in learning and embed a deeper understanding and application of knowledge



Improve quality of learning across all subjects



Establish greater clarity regarding lines of accountability

Increase monitoring for the most vulnerable pupils

Improve effectiveness of governance to hold HT to account


Disadvantaged and SEN pupils

Accelerate rate of progress and raise attainment level


Staff Well-Being

Reduce staff absence as was higher than normal last year