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Active Travel to School

Flying Fergus


If you enjoy bikes and cycling then click on the link below to go to the homepage of Flying Ferus and his friends. Check out his cycling  adventures through the activities and learn more from Sir Chris Hoy.

Great books to read online


Click on the links below for some great books to read online. Click on the arrows to turn the pages.





Bike it Jenny's Adventure Challenge

Are you ready to get outside more this winter? Would you like to write a pledge to encourage you and your family to get outdoors more during the Christmas holidays? Click on the link below to see Bike It Jenny's Adventure Challenge.

Road Safety Week 16th -22nd November

We all want to be able to walk safely on our streets. This year Road Safety Week is running from 16th – 22nd November and the road safety theme for this year  is No Need To Speed. It would be a good opportunity for everyone just to consider their speed when driving in their cars, especially in and around residential areas.For more information follow the link

Babs Is Back!

The JTAs are going to be sending out the brand new Babs bags starting from Friday 13th November.

For those of you who haven’t met Babs yet, she is one of the My Journey characters for Southampton City Council. Once a week, the JTAs randomly choose someone from each year group to take home Babs for the weekend to go on an active journey eg a walk to the park, a scooter or bike ride somewhere or a bus journey. Then either write about the adventure or draw a picture and send Babs back into school on the Monday and we can add the adventure to Bab’s diary.

Due to the current situation we will be taking extra care of Babs:

Each week, after she has been returned to school she will go into the washing machine.

The bags will also be washed weekly.

We will be just providing paper in the bags.

Instructions sent out in the bag will be recycled and a new set sent out for the following week.


Babs bags have been very popular in the previous two years and she has been on so fantastic journeys. So fingers crossed that you will receive a visit from Babs soon.

Clean Air Day Thursday 8th October

This Thursday we have signed up to be part of Clean Air Day.  Please click on the link below for more information and why it is so important we all play our part in reducing pollution levels.

Walk To School Week 5th-9th October

This week is Walk To School Week, so let's all try and be that little more active and walk, scoot or cycle to school. Ditch the car and enjoy the fresh air.

Walktober, Walking For Wellbeing


This month we have signed up to join all the thousands of other pupils across the country for Walktober. Last week everyone was sent a Pupil Pack with lots of great ideas for walking. If you have mislaid yours please click on the icon above. In addition, have a look at the powerpoint that has lots of information and ideas for waking this month.

Bike To School 28th September - 2nd October

Bike To School Week 28th September -2nd October


Walk, cycle or scoot to school and discover a new way to travel. We have signed up for Bike To School Week. 

Challenge your friends and family to join you.

Enjoy exploring new routes to and from school.
Help the environment by replacing a car journey.
Improve air quality and reduce congestion.


The newly appointed JTAs will be running the Golden Lock  every day so there is a chance to win a prize. Each day they will place the Golden Lock on a bike or scooter. Whoever receives the Golden Lock will go and find Miss Rickards and she will unlock your bike/scooter and they can choose a prize.






The M Check

Watch the video for a bike safety check,71DF8,V5J6J2,SE30V,1






Active Travel Events

Welcome back everyone. This week we are starting Travel Tracker again. Have a look at the link below:


Let's all enjoy our active journeys to and from school.

Useful Advice for actively travelling to school when we return.

Southampton City Mission Food Bank

The Kiddie Cones Have Arrived

The Junior Travel Ambassadors have been liaising with Hazel Agombar, the  School Travel Officer at Southampton City Council, to receive some Kiddie Cones to go outside our school to remind people not to park on the zigzags and to keep our children safe. They have arrived safe and sound, thank you Hazel. So many people have made positive comments about them and how eye catching they are, so fingers crossed they will help reduce the parking issues outside our school

Parking Advice Tickets

What a successful launch of the JTAs Parking Advice Tickets. They have handed out some Awesome Parking Tickets to lots of people who have parked thoughtfully away from the school gates. However, they have also had to hand out Parking Advice Tickets to people who are parked right outside the school gates, on the pavement or on the corner of Middle Road and Heath Road. As you are aware this is where there are two School Crossing Patrol Officers, who are there to make sure everyone crosses safely so it is really important  they can see the roads clearly and not have lots of parked cars near them. We all need to work together to make sure it is as safe as possible to walk to school and to be able to cross the road safely, Thank you to everyone that we spoke to when we handed out all the parking advice information, everyone was so polite. The Junior Travel Ambassadors are such a motivated team who are determined to make our pavements around are school as safe as possible. Well Done JTAs.

A massive thank you for all the harvest donations.  Southampton City Mission came and collected all the food and it will be put to really good use within the community.

Here is a very interesting BBC clip explaining one of the reasons why it is better to walk or cycle to school rather than use the car.

Walktober - Walking For Wellbeing


For the month of October we are participating in Walktober.  The Walktober challenge is about walking to improve your wellbeing. We would encourage you to walk as much as possible during the month – to and from school and work, for example, but try to find other opportunities to walk too. Have a look at the Challenge cards that have been sent home.

Scooter Challenge - Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June

Yes it really is that time of year again! We have registered to participate in the Scooter Challenge again this year. So let's see if we can get as many children as possible scooting to and from school this week. Not only is it fun, great exercise but it all helps to reduce the pollution problem. Remember to scoot safely, always wear a helmet. The children were shown a scooter safety video last week but if you want to see it again just follow the link below:

Stay Fit and Healthy Week Monday 17th June - Friday 21st June

Let's all Move in March

Let's all get a little more active this month. For events that are going on around the city and to be able to plan your journey, take a look at the My Journey website at: