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The Sholing PHSE curriculum seeks to reduce or remove many of the barriers to learning experienced by pupils, significantly improving their capacity to learn and achieve well. Sholing pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals, acquiring the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future. They develop their sense of social justice and moral responsibility and understand how their own choices, through the conscious application of our learning behaviours and British values, can impact across all communities in which they belong. Sholing Junior School’s carefully considered and sequenced PHSE curriculum, builds on prior knowledge and equips pupils with the understanding, skills and strategies required to live healthy, safe, productive, capable, responsible and balanced lives

All About PSHE

Parent Consultation FAQs

40 Acts of Kindness

Holocaust Memorial Day

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Watch the coverage of our Holocaust Memorial Service 2020

Nicolson Memorial

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This is the final part of a four year journey. Sholing Junior School children are not just learning about history. They're making history.

Skills For Life - Year 5 and 6 children learning about the importance of fire safety and personal financial management.

Personal, social, health and economic education (The National Curriculum)

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education. All schools should teach PSHE, drawing on good practice, and this expectation is outlined in the introduction to the proposed new national curriculum.

PSHE is a non-statutory subject. To allow teachers the flexibility to deliver high-quality PSHE we consider it unnecessary to provide new standardised frameworks or programmes of study. PSHE can encompass many areas of study. Teachers are best placed to understand the needs of their pupils and do not need additional central prescription.

However, while we believe that it is for schools to tailor their local PSHE programme to reflect the needs of their pupils, we expect schools to use their PSHE education programme to equip pupils with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.

Schools should seek to use PSHE education to build, where appropriate, on the statutory content already outlined in the national curriculum, the basic school curriculum and in statutory guidance on: drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle

The Childline Schools Service will be coming in to work with years 5 and 6 on keeping safe. Letters have gone out to these year groups however if you do need another copy please download one from the website.

Modeshift Stars


Sholing Junior School is now part of Modeshift Stars, a national schools award scheme that has been set up to recognise schools that are demonstrating excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.


We are well on our way to achieving our Gold Star level and all that parents have to do to help us is to leave your car at home!



The Parking Pledge

We are always trying to improve on making our environment safer for our children so please support us by signing our Parking Pledge to promote considerate parking and reduce cars on our roads. Please return the Parking Pledge by the 1st June for a car sticker and a badge.

The Parking Pledge

The Art Stars Competition

We have had 2 new banners made to hang outside our school to remind everyone to park safely and not near our school gates.


Design a Parking Poster for our Banner/The Art Stars competition

Harvest Festival

A huge thank you to for all the kind donations of food. Matt and Duncan came in to collect the food for Southampton City Mission Basics Bank and the food will be distributed to the local community.

Harvest Festival

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

We have decided to organise and collect the Christmas Shoebox Appeal for the Rotary. If you would like another leaflet please pop into the school and collect another one.  Thank you for all your kind donations. Please see the attached letter below for further information.