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Y5 Week Commencing 29th June

WOW! It's Week 5!

We had an amazing week last week, totally immersing ourselves into Torak's world and creating our own clans. Excellent effort across all 3 classes! And week 5 is set to be another brilliant week for us all. Music Masters lead the way in this week's topic web - sing, play, create, explore and express yourself through the medium of music. It's so much more that noise in the background. It's powerful and insightful too! I think you'll end up having some great conversations this week about your music tastes, and I hope you also find something new that takes your fancy too!




This week in maths you will be looking at graphs and tables. You will learn how to interpret and draw graphs and tables. We haven't looked at this in Year 5 so this is all new learning for you. However, you would have done some previous learning in Year 3 and 4, so dig deep in those memories for what you may already know.


There is no video link for this work but there are a few video links below to support you. 


Have fun and as always please ask us for support if you would like it. 

Topic Tasks

Singing assembly is something that we have all missed a great deal. When we hear those familiar songs, we can’t help but smile and sing along. It’s funny how special songs allow you to remember times, people and places so vividly. This often happens when you least expect it – for example, when listening to the radio or when out and about. This week’s topic is all about the love of music. Get stuck in and enjoy yourselves – and thank you to Miss Waight for arranging this week’s tasks!