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Y3 Week Commencing 13th July

Welcome to Week 7 (The Last Week crying!) 

Since we have now subscribed to White Rose Maths Home Learning, the way you access videos is now a little bit different!


The links to the teaching videos for the week will now compiled into one document. This will be the very first link above the activities for each day titled



Click on the document and it will download as a PDF. Click the link next to the lesson you need to do and it will take you straight to the learning video. 


We are aware the date on the top of the video links appear different. We decided to start White Rose Maths from the very beginning when we restructured our home learning as we were unsure of the level of engagement prior to the restructure.


The structure of the maths is still the same: Watch the video that goes with the lesson that you are on and work along side it. You can pause the video whenever you like to complete an activity, or you can rewind it as many times as you like to go back over something!


Have fun!laugh

Topic Task 

Topic for this week

As it is the last week of term, I would like you to write a small letter, card, note or message to say thank you to someone. This could be a parent or a family member who has helped you with your home learning; it could be a teacher or teaching assistant who has been in contact over the past months; anyone you like.

As the term ends, we would like to say as a school, how proud we are of all of you for your resilience and motivation in being the very best learner you can be, throughout this hugely significant period in our World’s history.

Well done everyone. Sholing Rules, Achieving Together,  Love Your Work!