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Y5 Week Commencing 22nd June

Welcome to Week 4!


It's the fourth week back after half term and we are well and truly in the swing of things. You're all getting so used to this new way of working. Loving our Zoom lessons!


And so the story continues, and this week in Wolf Brother we see Torak making his first interactions with another clan. Which is exactly what Fa hoped and instructed him NOT to do! Will is be as dangerous as his Father thought it might be, or will it be just what Torak needs to help him achieve his goal of reaching the Mountain of the World Spirit in order to defeat the demon bear?



This week in maths you will be subtracting decimals - with the same number of decimal places and different number of decimal places. Remember your place value!

At the end of the week you will be multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000. We briefly touched on this just before lockdown, so I suggest you watch the video on White Rose to remind yourself about how to do it. Equally, if you are still unsure after watching it then please ask the Year 5 teachers for some support - we are always here to help!


Topic Challenge

As you all may, or may not know, this week is

‘National Sports Week’

This Year, there are many sporting event that need to be put on hold. This includes The Olympics Games, Wimbledon, Euro 2020 and most significantly, Sholing Junior School Sports Day.

To also coincide with the beautiful weather that we here at Sholing Juniors have arranged for you all this week, we want you to run faster, jump higher, and push yourselves further than ever before.

Citius - Altius – Fortius

(Faster – Higher – Stronger)

Let's Dance!

There is a new fitness craze here at Sholing Juniors! The children here have been introduced to 'The Fabulous Fitness Instructor' - very colourful and energetic!! There are a couple of videos to share with you that we have attempted at school.


So, get your sweatbands and leggings on and dance along with 'The Fabulous Fitness Instructor'! Maybe send us some pictures of you dancing along :)