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Throughout their time at Sholing Junior School, we want all children to become confident, excited and enquiry led Scientists who strive to ask questions and develop their ideas through investigative learning. We want the children to see Science as an everyday phenomenon that is adapting and changing all of the time. It cannot be seen as a stand alone subject but a development of ideas and skills which can enhance and improve the world around us. The children will explore Scientists who have impacted on our lives today, as well as, current people who are working to enhance our knowledge of Science. From Alexander Bell, the inventor of the telephone to Tiera Guinn (who is currently helping NASA build a rocket at the age of 21). Through research and exploration of these Scientists, we hope to change the children’s perception of Science and stereotypes and enable children to see that anyone can be a Scientist - It’s about having the passion, drive and thirst for knowledge that will help you achieve.


We hope to engage children in enquiry based learning and promote the use of questioning to deepen children’s thinking around the key concepts they will be focusing on. We want to build on their KS1 Scientific skills and get the children exploring, observing, recording and evaluating in all learning so that they constantly question the world around them and expand their knowledge and understanding.  The aim of our Science curriculum is to help build on children’s curiosity about Science concepts and improve their understanding of current issues surrounding us and that they, as the next generation, can have a huge impact on how the world will look in years to come. From global warming to the current pandemic, all of these need scientists who strive to make the world a better place. We hope to share and encourage children to see the different jobs scientists can do and to continually break down barriers so that all feel they can make a difference to our planet.


Overall, our vision is to inspire children to take on the role of a scientist, continually question their ideas and to challenge previous knowledge through open ended enquiries which will then lead to new discoveries. We want the children to see themselves as future scientists who can make a difference and follow in the footsteps of many great scientific people who have all had an impact on our world today.

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Every month we will be celebrating the achievements of a famous scientist.

 Please click the link below to learn more about these amazing people and their achievements. 

Science Day

Sholing Junior School took part in Science Day 8th June where we watched an exciting Science show and took part in Science workshops. 

Year 4 were excited by electricity and took part in creating a human electrical current and making static electricity using balloons. 

A STEM ambassador visited Year 5 for the day and they took part in a 'Guess the job' activity and 'What's in the box?' 

Below are photos from the day.

Science Club

In our weekly Science club, we are working towards achieving the CREST award and so every week brings on a new challenge, investigation or question for us to explore. 
Recently the girls have been creating the best kite to fly in windy conditions, birds’ nests to suit the nesting season as well as creating their own lava lamps. Below are a few photos of what we’ve been up to. 

IMG_7293 (1).mov

Still image for this video

Lava Lamps

Leonardo UK Engineering Project 

We are very lucky to have been invited to take part in an engineering project alongside Leonardo UK. Leonardo is one of the UK's leading aerospace companies and one of biggest suppliers of defence and security equipment to the UK MoD, making a significant contribution to the UK economy with revenues of over £2bn. Children designed and manufactured their own sustainable vehicles to meet specific criteria dictated by Leonardo staff. Working closely with their project managers and designers, the children presented their final models to Dr Harrington, who was most impressed with their explanations.

A brilliant experience and one we were very lucky to be a part of. Find out more about Leonardo UK by clicking this link:

Please enjoy some photos and videos from the day.



Liquid Nitrogen

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Liquid Nitrogen

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Heat Sensors

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