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Sholing's Air Quality Sensor


Air Quality Sensor

 We have been lucky enough to have received an Airly air quality sensor from Southampton City Council to monitor the air quality in our area.

Download the Airly App and you can track the air quality at any time of the day in Sholing, Southampton, the UK or anywhere in the world that has an Airly  sensor.

Our air quality is so important as it affects our health and our environment so we all need to do our little bit to reduce the pollution levels. Let’s all repair the air together.

Thursday 23rd June 2022

In the JTA meeting we looked at the Airly air quality sensor and it read 31 CAQI - Well ... it's been better. Then it went up to 33 CAQI so we looked out of the window and saw a car next to the sensor. Then another 2 cars pulled up and it changed again to 36 CAQI then 39 CAQI. 

This just goes to show how much one car effects the quality of the air.