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Babs' Diary

Babs has been busy again. For all of her diary read her diary in the library.

Thursday 24th November

Babs has been so busy

Lucky Babs went on a scavenger hunt.

The JTAs will be sending Babs Bags weekly after the October Half Term.


Who and is Babs? 

Each week the JTAs choose a child from each year group to take a Babs bag home for the weekend. If you are lucky enough to be given a Babs Bag, then all you need to do is take Babs on an active journey eg walking, cycling, scooting or the bus then tell us all about it in Babs’ Active Travel Diary. It could be to the park, the shops, to see family or friends, just as long as you travel actively. You can include drawings, photos, bus tickets or just write about it.

There are also some laminated suggestions from Living Streets for games and activities to try out when you're out and about

Write or draw pictures about your active journey you had together and send it back in the bag. Babs will need to arrive safely back in your classroom on Monday Morning where she will be collected so she can be cleaned ready for her next journey out.

The JTAs then take out any diary entries and put them in one big book that is kept in the Library for everyone to enjoy.


Family Activity Resource Booklet

In school we use the Living Streets Travel Tracker daily to log how we travel to school. One of the resources that Living Streets provide is and Family Activity Booklet, there is one in each Babs Bag. Please click on the icon below which will also take you to the booklet. Have fun actively travelling this weekend.

Family Activities Booklet

Babs had a great time this week

When Babs comes back into school the JTAs collect them up and they are washed. Then the JTAs go through the diaries, read them and file them into one big diary. They now take a picture to add to our website for you to enjoy.