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Literacy at Sholing Juniors

Overall Aims.

  • To teach children how to become effective communicators using both verbal and written skills.
  • To develop confidence in communication skills and to teach the skills necessary to achieve clarity in speech and writing.
  • To encourage pupils to listen, read a write with careful thought taken over the purpose, audience and composition.
  • To provide a rich and varied experience of the English language, including the history behind its development and modern use.
  • To give the opportunity to appreciate literacy in its many forms, and be inspired by it to learn the skills necessary to imitate and innovate it, whatever the genre.
  • To develop enthusiastic and reflective readers through challenging and inspiring texts.
  • To develop confident and accurate readers.
  • To develop the enjoyment of writing and be given the opportunity to write creatively.
  • To encourage children’s ability to be thoughtful and purposeful in the planning, drafting and editing of their work.
  • To ensure progress for all children is rapid.


In Writing our aims are to:

  • To create an enjoyment and stamina for writing.
  • To be exposed to a range of quality texts, authors and genres of writing.
  • To create thoughtful writers who are able to edit and improve their writing independently and accurately.
  • For children to be able to write for a range of purposes with confidence.
  • For children to recognise and use grammatical features accurately.
  • For children to be able to recognise the links between reading and writing.


In Reading our aims are to:

  • develop a knowledge and appreciation of reading;
  • read with fluency, intonation and regard to the punctuation
  • have a chance to share their enjoyment of the text through discussion;
  • have children independently choosing more challenging texts to read.
  • use appropriate strategies when reading new or less familiar words
  • gain an appreciation of how authors use words and images to achieve different effects.
  • to use appropriate reading strategies and reference skills to find specific information.

Parents Guide to English Grammar

This document is produced by the DfE and explains how children make progress in the primary school.