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Year 4 Week Commencing 13th July

Welcome to Week 7!


Welcome to Week 7! The final week of term and your final week in Year 4! It has absolutely flown by! We are all so proud of you all and how hard you have worked over this really difficult time. You should all be very proud of yourselves too! Give yourselves a massive round of applause and pat on the back! Really well done Year 4!


We will continue to be Zooming (when did that become a verb?!) daily to so we can teach you  your English and make it easier for you (and your parents!)


Top Tip: Try to complete your Maths and English daily tasks in the morning. This way the rest of the day can be used to complete Sumdog challenges, chip away at your topic project or to get stuck into your reading.


Thank you so much for sharing your work with us - we're loving the work you're doing! Remember, if you need any help or have any questions, please email us at or you can simply place a comment on the activity in Google Classroom. 


We hope to hear from you soon! laugh




Please come an collect your END OF YEAR REPORT from the table outside the office.

Daily Maths Tasks - Summer 2 Week 7


We now have a subscription for White Rose maths, so will be posting the worksheets from now on. Be aware that the worksheets are no longer next to the videos. You can access the videos via the link below and complete the attached worksheets. Make sure that you do watch the videos because they are designed to help you and remember that you can pause and rewind them as many times as you like!


Have fun! laugh

Daily English Tasks - Summer 2 Week 7


Each week, we will be setting you daily English tasks which will structured as follows:

Monday - Reading comprehension

Tuesday - Writing skills activity

Wednesday - Writing skills activity

Thursday and Friday - Big Write (2 day task)


These tasks will be available on both the Home Learning page on the website and on the Google Classroom and should be handed in (in the ways described above) on the dates shown on the tasks.


We will be doing daily Zoom English lessons to teach you what you need for the task each day. Check Parent Mail and Google Classroom for the links and we'll see lots of you there!


Enjoy! We're looking forward to seeing what you do! laugh

Topic for this week

As it is the last week of term, I would like you to write a small letter, card, note or message to say thank you to someone. This could be a parent or a family member who has helped you with your home learning; it could be a teacher or teaching assistant who has been in contact over the past months; anyone you like.

As the term ends, we would like to say as a school, how proud we are of all of you for your resilience and motivation in being the very best learner you can be, throughout this hugely significant period in our World’s history.

Well done everyone. Sholing Rules, Achieving Together,  Love Your Work!