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Y5 Week Commencing 20th April

Welcome to the Summer Term!


On this page you will find the Maths, English and Topic tasks for you to complete this week. The tasks will also be available on the Year 5 Google Classroom page so that you can share your work with us. You can share the completed tasks in a number of ways. Either complete them in a Google Doc and share it with your class teacher or complete it in your home learning book and take a photograph of your work and attach it to the assignment on Google Classroom - or get an adult to email it to the Year 5 email address. Either way, the tasks set out on here need to shared with us in some way by the end of each week.


Daily Tasks include:

  • Maths using the White Rose Hub (click here)
  • English: These will either be a reading comprehension task, skills based task or a Big Write two day task.
  • Reading aloud to an adult.


Weekly Tasks include:

  • Topic Challenge (see below)
  • Sumdog competition and challenge for Maths, Spelling and Reading.
  • Timestable Rockstar practice.

Topic Tasks

Hello to all pupils at Sholing Junior School,

This week we are setting a WHOLE SCHOOL topic challenge. It’s all about the Mayflower. No. Not the theatre, not the park or our Academy Trust! The Mayflower ship.

400 years ago, this famous vessel set sail to the Americas laden with passengers and goods. Back in those days, such a journey was very dangerous and terribly frightening but these brave people, also known as the ‘Pilgrims’, changed the future for America as we know it! It is really important that you find out why!

Did you know, that there are over 30 million American descendants of the passengers and crew who sailed on the Mayflower. That’s one big family!!

It would be great if you complete two topic tasks, brilliant if you complete four, and outstanding if all topic tasks could be accomplished!!!

We hope you enjoy this topic and we look forward to you sharing work with us when you complete each one!

Good luck, and my the sea’s waves, cast you upon the shores of your wildest desires!

I Have Finished My Learning For The Week! What Do I Do Now?


Well done on completing your fabulous learning this week! We are sure you have worked really hard! Any work you are proud of or want to show us please send it in as we would LOVE to see it!


If you have finished your Maths, English and Topic tasks for the week, see below for what else you can do:


  • We have SUMDOG competitions in Reading, Spelling and Maths for the week. They are either individual or team based so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Practice your multiplication knowledge or get quicker with TT Rockstars!
  • Practice your reading fluency by reading aloud to an adult.
  • Why not go onto YouTube and do PE with Joe or do a Cosmic Kids yoga video?
  • Go onto the mindfulness tab on the Home Learning page and practice a technique or teach it to someone else in your household!