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Administering Medicines

To enable the school office staff to administer medicine, we require an adult with parental responsibility to complete a consent form, which is available from the school office.  Children are not permitted to keep any medicine in the classroom, apart from their asthma inhalers.


The medical consent form is primarily used for children who have a non-infectious condition, who require medicine through the day, such as antibiotics, paracetamol, Piriton etc.  

If your child requires long-term medication, please contact the school office.

Pupil Health Care Plan
These are forms which are sent to adults with parental responsibility for children who have a particular medical need which would require specific medical attention.  The children are identified from the pupil data sheet which is completed when your child joins Sholing Junior School.  Please advise the school if your child develops a medical need and we will send the relevant forms.