Sholing Junior School

Achieving Together

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Our Vision

Imagine a school designed for a community of people who are enthusiastic, responsible, caring and

committed to learning. See the high level of academic achievement throughout: in displays, classrooms, activities, and events that are a way of life. Notice the presence of all age groups making connections with one another through the work that they do, the problems that they solve, and the experiences, emotions, strength and hope they share. See the use of emergent technologies to invent the future, examine the past, and make sense out of today. Walk through the multi-media theatre, stop at the drop-in centre or just pass time in the library and see a rich tapestry of people interacting together. Appreciate the music, art, drama and physical movement present everywhere and used by all as a way to learn language, history, geography, science and mathematics, and as a way to nurture body, mind and spirit. Sense the presence of innovative professionals committed to achieving extraordinary results, raising aspirations and providing each child with the opportunities to develop into a responsible global citizen.  


This is Sholing Junior School: an adventure for the mind and a home for the heart.