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Y5 Week Commencing 13th July


I can't believe we've made it to the last week for this academic year! It's done...over...finito! 


Our main objective this week is to finish our book: Wolf Brother. We've only got 7 chapters left, we can do it! I don't know about you but I need to find out if Torak is able to final defeat the demon bear and save the clans. This is the first of seven books in the series, so anything can happen. 



Please come an collect your END OF YEAR REPORT from the table outside the office. 


5W: Please also collect a purple striped bag - a little "Thank You" for being an awesome 5W crew member from Miss Waight

Wolf Brother. Chapter 24. Full chapter.

Can Torak escape the crevasse before the glacier swallows him?

Wolf Brother. Chapter 25. Part 1/2.

The snow blizzard separates Torak and Renn.

Wolf Brother. Chapter 25. Part 2/2.

Torak and Wolf make an unexpected discovery in the blizzard.

Wolf Brother. Chapter 26. Part 1/2.

Can Renn survive the blizzard all on her own?

Wolf Brother. Chapter 27. Full chapter.

Torak, Renn and Wolf head back into the forest. But will that mean safety?

Wolf Brother. Chapter 28. Part 1/2.

Hord has captured Renn and Torak!

Wolf Brother. Chapter 28. Part 2/2.

What will the leader of Raven Clan decide?

Wolf Brother. Chapter 29. Part 1/2.

Torak prepares to find the Mountain of the World Spirit.

Wolf Brother. Chapter 29. Part 2/2.

Fin-Kedinn reveals more about Torak's past. And his future...

Wolf Brother. Chapter 30. Part 1/2.

Torak prepares to leave the Raven camp.

Wolf Brother. Chapter 30. Part 2/2.

Torak glimpses the Mountain of the World Spirit.

Wolf Brother. Chapter 31. Full chapter.

Second last chapter. Pretty exciting...

Wolf Brother. Chapter 32. Full chapter.

Torak's quest races towards its dramatic conclusion in the final chapter of Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver.


Maths this week is looking at metric and imperial units and units of time. We will also revisit timetables! This is your last bit of learning for the year. On Friday there are two challenges for you to have a go at. One is place value and the other is multiplication and division. You can attempt either or both, we will leave that up to you.


Thank you to all of you who have kept up with the learning across lockdown -  you are all amazing.


We wish you all a fabulous summer and look forward to welcoming you all back in September. 


Stay safe!

Topic for this week

As it is the last week of term, I would like you to write a small letter, card, note or message to say thank you to someone. This could be a parent or a family member who has helped you with your home learning; it could be a teacher or teaching assistant who has been in contact over the past months; anyone you like.

As the term ends, we would like to say as a school, how proud we are of all of you for your resilience and motivation in being the very best learner you can be, throughout this hugely significant period in our World’s history.

Well done everyone. Sholing Rules, Achieving Together,  Love Your Work!