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Y5 Week Commencing 15th June

Welcome to Week 3!

3 is the magic number, or so they say! It's the first odd numbered prime number which gives it the power of invisibility. The power of 3 messages in a piece of writing is meant to be persuasive, whereas 4 leads to suspicion (apparently)! More importantly, you have 3 amazing Year 5 teachers and 3 fantastic Year 5 teaching assistants - is there anything more to say!! 


Right, this week we are being taken further along our journey through Wolf Brother and maths is looking at percentages, decimals and fractions (again!). We love seeing all of the beautiful work you do, so lets keep that going this week Year 5.


Let's begin...


This week you will be looking at percentages, which we haven't covered in class. Therefore, it's important to watch the videos on White Rose first to help you with understanding them. Percentages is about the number of part per 100 (out of 100). It is similar to decimals and fractions in that they are another way of expressing (showing) numbers.


You will also be looking at adding decimals with the same and different number of decimal places. We have done this in class this year, so it should be a nice revision task for you to do.


As always, we are here to support you if you would like some help. 


Have fun  :)


This Week's Topic Task is all about helping. Helping others and helping yourselves. See if you can complete all tasks this week. In a way, it's a bit like the VE Day celebrations you arranged, in the sense that these activities will improve the well-being and happiness of both, those who are involved, and those who are on the receiving end. Good luck. Miss you. You're amazing. Love your work! Team Sholing RULES!

(Printouts are available outside school if you need them)


Topic Tasks