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Y3 Week Commencing 6th July


Welcome to Week 6 heart




Since we have now subscribed to White Rose Maths Home Learning, the way you access videos is now a little bit different!


The links to the teaching videos for the week will now compiled into one document. This will be the very first link above the activities for each day titled



Click on the document and it will download as a PDF. Click the link next to the lesson you need to do and it will take you straight to the learning video. 


We are aware the date on the top of the video links appear different. We decided to start White Rose Maths from the very beginning when we restructured our home learning as we were unsure of the level of engagement prior to the restructure.


The structure of the maths is still the same: Watch the video that goes with the lesson that you are on and work along side it. You can pause the video whenever you like to complete an activity, or you can rewind it as many times as you like to go back over something!


Have fun! laugh

Topic Task

This week we have only one topic task – but this might take you a bit of time and effort, both in thought and in organisation…but it’s well worth it! The task is named…

‘The Hall Of Fame’

Next academic year, we will be creating a ‘Hall of Fame’. This will be a display of inspirational people who we feel have had an impact on our lives. What we are asking you to do as a family/individual, is to identify such a person and to write to them, asking for either a response to questions or an autograph for our display.

In the past, pupils at Sholing Junior School have received responses from many inspirational people: Lewis Hamilton, Steven Fry, Kelly Holmes, Aaron Ralston, Tim Burton, Brian Cox, Hannah Cockcroft, Sir David Attenborough to name just a few.

I personally have written to, and received responses from: Sir David Attenborough, Tom Hanks, Jonny Wilkinson, Dick Winters and Sir Nicholas Winton. All of these responses were gained by writing a simple letter. This time, I am going to write to one of my heroes – the mighty Michael Palin

Below is a template/series of ideas you could use to help you.


Dear ………………………………

I am writing to you because we have been set a task by our school, in which we have to research and write to someone we feel is inspirational. I have chosen to write to you! At school, we will be creating a ‘Hall of Fame’ where we will be displaying the responses. I do hope that you are able to help me with this task.

This is the paragraph where you have to tell the person why you find them an inspiration. You will have to go on the internet with your parents, or look in a book, to find out some details about them and their achievements. It is always good to ask them a few questions too. I asked Sir David if he had any suggestions on how people should live their lives and he said, ‘treat people as you would like to be treated.’  Here are some potential starters:

I read that you……

I found that truly inspirational, as it must have been very difficult to………

How did you feel when you were awarded your first…..

When you qualified to study at ……

What is the best advice you were given that I might use….


The above paragraph may take a bit of time. It contains all of the ‘meat’ in the sandwich. The final paragraph (see below), as you know, is the summing up. You have to repeat what you have said in the first part of the letter. Something simple like this…


Thank you very much, for taking the time to read my letter. I very much hope that to will be able to respond to some of my questions or send me a signed photograph so I can put it in the ‘Hall of Fame’ in my school.


Yours Sincerely…..


Remember: You must do this task with your parent’s supervision. You have to add the school address (unless you are in Year 6) in the top right hand corner of the letter so the person can write a response back. At school, we will photocopy the response and you will keep the original at home. You are much more likely to get a response if you hand write your letter.  With your parents, use all of your detective skills to find a sending address (you might want to check this before you write your letter). This might be ‘care of’ a management company. If you find more than one address, write the letter again and send it to both! Use the above template if you want to.


Finally: Give your envelope an air kiss of good luck before you send it on its way. GOOD LUCK!


Please share with me who you are planning to write to!