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Free Resources and Activities

#TRY 20 Check list - Try these activities when you are out on your next walk.

Bike It Jenny Activities

Click on the link below to see Bike It Jenny's Activities

SUSTRANS Bike It Jenny fun Activities

I love this poem Emily wrote whilst sitting on a bench looking at a tree.


Scavenger hunt poem-A life of their own


Reginald was a mighty old tree, 

Stuck in the concrete, never to be free,

He wanted to live just a normal life,

Like humans that cook with a knife, 

Like humans that have have fun all day,

He wanted to go out and play,

He wanted to go on a swing,

That would be his most favourite thing,

But instead he was stuck in the ground, 

Never free but safe and sound.

Happy Shoesday

Tuesday 19th May is Happy Shoesday, wear the shoes that make you feel really good and happy. How about sending us a picture of your favourite shoes?


 Sign up to SUSTRANS free resource for keeping healthy


SUSTRANS are providing some great free resources to keep us all active in healthy body and mind. They are providing fun and inspirational ideas for parents  to use in the home for health and wellbeing activities. Parents can access resources by registering for our free parent newsletter. Go to the link below:

Have funsmiley

Change 4 Life

This is a great website with loads of ideas for tasty food and activities to stay fit and healthy. Have a look and try something new for dinner tonight.


How many of you have noticed more birds in your garden or parks these past few weeks? Talking with the children in school yesterday, we all thought that there seemed to be more birds around. The RSPB(The Royal Society For the Protection of Birds) has a great website with downloadable bird spotting sheets or an online bird identifier. So you can spend some time mindfully watching the birds and discovering which ones line in your garden or next to your homes. Have fun and enjoy.

Walking From Home


The wonderful people at Living Streets(Travel Tracker) have created a space that children, parents, carers, families and teachers can access to help everyone keep active and engaged whilst we are all doing our distance learning. You can find important updates about Walk To School initiatives, news, stories and free resources and activities. They will be releasing new resources on a weekly basis so keep logging in. So click on the link below to find out how you and other people can stay active.

Here's another great mindfulness meditation  to try at home. This one focuses on your breathing. Have a go and see how you feel at the end.


Meditation Stories

Here are some really relaxing meditation stories, really useful if you find it tricky to fall asleep.

Sleepy Stream

The Sleep Train



Here's another great guided mindfulness clip, just click on the link. Remember you can do them as many times as you want. Which one is your favourite so far?

Your Secret Treehouse

Joe Wicks 5 minute work outs

Here are some great links for 5 minute workouts, :

Kids Workout 1

Kids Workout 2

Kids Workout 3

More great mindfulness clips to follow and try at home

Click on the links below:


Thought Bubbles


Mini the Puppy


3 Minute Body Scan


Yes You Can!


How To Beat Nerves


The Owl and The Guard Dog


The Listening Game



Change 4 Life

Do you need some tasty, healthy ideas for lunchboxes? Have a look at the Change 4 Life Website.

Mindfulness Minute

You might have heard your child talk about a Mindfulness Minute, what is it? It is just learning how to stop for one minute and focus on the present. A great explanation as to why we think it's a good idea to know how to do this is in the following clip: