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Sholing Junior School      ‘An adventure for the mind and a home for the heart’


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all your staff for such a wonderful evening on Friday. The girls and I had a lovely time and I couldn’t believe how many activities you had managed to put on for everyone! All of the staff were so enthusiastic and full of energy – despite it being late on a Friday evening mid-way through term – and it was just so much fun. (Parent of Year 3 girls, February 2020)


I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for a lovely evening that you held for story week. We had a great evening and it was full of fun, and very well planned out. You could see all the children had a great time and lots of the parents said how good it was. The children all enjoyed being in their Pjs and by doing that it brought them closer together as you could see they were all treating it like one big sleep over. Thank you to all the teachers that helped put the evening together and giving up their spare time to create such a fantastic evening. Last night was a credit to your school and how much you care for every single pupil that attends Sholing Junior school. (Parent of Year 3 boy, February 2020)


Thank you to all the team for making Friday night such a magical evening! Both myself and my daughter had a great evening, it was put together so well and actually 1.5 hours wasn’t long enough to get around it all! We followed on the evening when we got home with a movie night watching Harry Potter and my daughter is currently making a potion as I type....... Again thank you, it’s out of school activities like this that bring the children, parents and staff together. (Parent of Year 3 child, February 2020)


This is just to say how very moved we were by the service of dedication that you held on Friday 24th January for Helen's tree and Holocaust Memorial Day. The service and readings were perfect and lifted our hearts. We do know that our daughter Helen was thrilled to see the acorn that she brought back from Auschwitz grow into the seedling that she gave to Mr Hutchinson. Also, we know that she would have been even more thrilled to know that the seedling developed into the fine small tree now planted in a safe and nurturing home in your school garden. (Parents and sister of Helen May, January 2020)


What an impressive event. You have a quite remarkable group of students with you who are undoubtedly inspired by yourself and your staff.   One of our aims at the Memorial is to ensure that the Battle of Britain and, particularly, the people who were involved, are never forgotten with another aim to educate and inform people about the Battle and the Few and the school project was so pleasing to see since it fulfilled those aims completely. (Andrew Simpson BSc MCIM, Wing Commander RAFVR(T) rtd, Trustee The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust CIO, April 2019)


Thank you for everything that you have done for the boys and their community. They are leaving you happy, resilient, brave, appreciative of their friends, excited for the future ….. and they have learned quite a lot! This is due in no small part to what they have been taught at Sholing Juniors.  We are going to miss a lot of things but we will miss the school lots.

(Parent of 3 boys, April 2019)


I just wanted to send a message to say thank you to the teachers involved in making the Wye Valley trip possible. My son had a fantastic time. He had so much to tell us that he didn't know where to start. By the school arranging these trips it gives the children a wonderful opportunity. Thank you once again.

(Parent of Year 5 pupil, March 2019)


I would like to thank you very much for making the Korean teachers and myself so welcome at your school.  I was very impressed by the pleasant working environment and seeing all of the children and staff so happy to be learning.

(InterEducation co-ordinator, January 2019)


‘We were so proud of our daughter for being nominated to receive an award and to hear the wonderful things her teacher said about her was lovely. It was a very emotional evening hearing the teachers talking about the pupils in such a heartfelt and personal way.  You forget that they spend so many hours with them and really get to know them, inside out.’

(Parent of a Year 5 child, November 2018)


‘Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the school.  You have an amazing team of teachers who give all the children amazing experiences as well as any extra help and support when needed. There has been excellent communication. My son has really enjoyed his time at this school and is very sad to be leaving.

(Parent of Year 6 pupil, July 2018)


‘It has been an amazing honour and privilege to be a part of the team. Sholing is a very special place that I will always hold close to my heart. I have learnt so much from so many incredible people.

(Teacher (and Bournemouth Supporter!), July 2018)


Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards you and your staff. My son has loved every minute at the school and as parents we have felt part of his journey all the way through. You have an amazing team who are willing to go above and beyond to help the children succeed. My son has progressed so much with you, not just academically but with his confidence and independence. The residentials in particular have been a real highlight and I am sure that it is down to your staff!

(Parent of Year 6 pupil, July 2018)


I am writing to congratulate you, your pupils and your staff on obtaining the Gold Modeshift STARS Award for Active Travel. Sholing Junior School is only one of three schools in our city to have achieved this prestigious accreditation.

(Councillor Chris Hammond, Southampton City Council)


I am writing to say a big thank you to you and your staff for the help and support you all gave us during our granddaughters time with your school. You have all done an amazing job, especially those teachers that have taught them both in each year. The breakfast & after school club is excellent and so are the staff. I would like to give a special thank you to their teachers who were great with them both, and those who went over and above to support us. (Grandparents of two looked after children, January 2017)


‘For almost a year this group of dedicated students have worked very hard to raise the profile of this hero and also the funds to commemorate him with this memorial. I was delighted to meet with some of the children involved last year and I have been following their progress closely.  I knew from their enthusiasm and interest that they would make a success of this project and the fact we are now seeing the unveiling of a memorial is testament to that. We can be truly proud of these great Southampton students who have ensured a fitting memorial to Flight Lieutenant Nicolson, a British hero who rightly should be commemorated in Southampton.’ (Royston Smith, Member of Parliament for Southampton Itchen, September 2016)


'Thank you for all that you have done over the years for my two girls - I know that my oldest daughter wouldn't have had the confidence to complete her D of E awards without first clinging to the mountain with your staff. They both have so much more confidence and I can only thank you and the rest of the Sholing Junior staff for setting them on the right path to helping them to believe in themselves.  I will miss this school, having felt a very small part of it for the last nine years.' (Parent of Year 6 pupil, July 2016)


'My grand daughter was a very shy girl but since her years at Sholing Junior she has blossomed and this is due to the encouragement that she received right from the start. One of the great things about the dedication of the staff is their commitment to taking the children on different and exciting field trips such as the Isle of Wight, France and Wales. Words cannot fully express our thanks for all that the school have done in helping our granddaughter. One of our proudest moments was seeing her introducing and ending the recent performance of the Lion King. A solo performance that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Well done Sholing Junior School' (Grandparent of Year 6 child, September 2016)


'We would like to express our sincere thanks to all members of staff that have been involved with our daughter's education over the last 4 years. The standard of teaching supplied by all staff has been exceptional. However, what we have seen over the last few years is a commitment and dedication that goes far beyond teaching. The warmth and kindness shown by teachers has shown that this is much more than an ordinary school. It is more like an extension to the family, with strong values such as trust and respect, being as important as the usual subjects of English and maths. Whatever you do that makes this school so special, please do not change it. We only have one chance to teach our children and you have the balance just right, and words cannot express how grateful we are. You are more than teachers, you are role models that have played a very important part in the development of our daughter and this something that will always be remembered.' (Parent of Year 6 child, July 2016)