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Bedtime Stories Event

Bedtime Stories at Sholing Juniors


To round off our amazing Storytelling Week each year, we invite children to come back to school with a parent to enjoy a celebration of the stories we have been indulging in across the week. This action-packed evening is aimed at building a love of reading and promoting storytelling skills as well as providing a beautiful event for parents to share with their children. All the staff put on rooms of activities that engage parents in interacting with their child in a fun and exciting way, learning, communicating and exploring together. 

Hot chocolate, book fairs, crafts and challenges are all rounded off with one last story before we all head back bed. It's a memorable evening that both parents and children look forward to each year. 

Bedtime Stories - February 2020


What an amazingly magical evening we had! 

Upon arrival all of our guests made their way through Platform 9 and 3/4 to enjoy nearly 2 hours of activties based on J K Rowling's Wizarding World. It was amazing to see so many parents enjoying the activities as much as the children were! With potions and local authors, Quittich tournaments and clay dragon eyes being created, wand making and subsequent lessons in how to use your wand, the night was filled with storytelling and imagination building. 


A huge thank you to all the parents for their kind words and emails of appreciation. We are so very glad that you enjoyed our annual event. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!