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Strike Action

Dear Parent


Partial School Closure on Thursday 5th July 2016 due to Industrial Action by the NUT


As you may be aware, the National Union of Teachers have instructed their members to take industrial action on Thursday 5th July 2016.  Most teaching and support staff of Sholing Junior School, including myself, are members of a union.  In situations like this, when members of a union withdraw their labour due to industrial action, members of other unions are not permitted to cover for their colleagues.  Therefore, the only course of action is to close the school to those children whose teachers are taking action. 


On Thursday 5th July there will not be a teacher available to teach the following classes and therefore those children will not be able to attend school:


6W       Mr Wakefield

6M        Mr Male

5S        Ms Stay

3M        Ms Meehan


The absence of those children in these classes will be authorised and it will not affect the end of year attendance award.  


The children in the following classes will be expected to attend school as normal:


3W       Ms Waight

3CN     Ms Carden-Noad

4PL      Mr Langston

4H        Ms Hendry

5R        Ms Jones


Children in these classes not present on that day will be subject to the standard absence procedures even if their brothers and sisters are not attending school.  School dinners, Year 4 Swimming, Breakfast Club and After School Club will proceed as normal. 


The decision to take action by my colleagues, under the direct instruction of their union, has not been taken lightly and it demonstrates the strength of feeling amongst many public service sector workers.  I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but hope that this notification will enable you to make the necessary child care arrangements.


Mr M. Parnell