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SJS Make History!

Sholing Junior School made history as they were chosen by the Mayor to take part in the ‘Beating of the Bounds’ ceremony. Dating back 800 years, this annual ceremony forms an important part in the City’s calendar and seeks to recognise the boundaries of the City of Southampton.


Originally, the Mayor and Sheriff, accompanied by other civic dignitaries, toured the boundary of Southampton on horseback to check it was intact. At various pre-chosen boundary stones, the children would assemble and, together with the Sheriff, beat back some of the undergrowth to make the boundary clear.


Today’s ceremony took place around the base of the Bargate. Armed with bamboo sticks, the children beat back the ‘undergrowth’ ensuring the boundaries were clear. The Sherriff was delighted with the hard work of the children and after a rigorous check, he returned satisfied to the Civic Centre where he took charge of the ‘Court Leet’ (more about that in the newspaper due for release soon).


The children’s efforts were outstanding as usual. Many adults in the Council Chamber remarked on the young people with comments including: ‘In the 10 years I’ve been working at the Council Chambers, I believe that was the best presentation I have ever heard from a school.’


 ‘The children from Sholing Junior School are a credit to all school children across the City,’ announced the Sheriff, and he was absolutely right!