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For the next 5 weeks, children in Year 5 will be learning about the Romans' departure from Britannica and the new invaders and settlers to arrive on our shores: namely the Anglo-Saxons followed by the Vikings.  Children will discover how the country and its traditions and lifestyles were shaped by these new arrivals in this History heavy theme.


In English, the focus of children's writing will be to entertain and children will be using the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of Beowulf to inspire them along with Anglo-Saxon Kenning poetry and of course the annual storytelling event.  In Maths, children will be developing their fluency, reasoning and problem solving in Area/Perimeter, Multiplication/Division and Fractions.  In PE, children will be performing some impressive body percussion sequences worthy of a Viking warrior.  For more information, please see our curriculum maps below.


Later in the term, we will be inviting parents to a meeting about our Spy Residential to update you on the arrangements for the Spy Training that awaits 60 lucky pupils on their residential visit to the Wye Valley.

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