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PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools

Up until the academic year 2019/2020, the Government is making available to all schools a sum of money annually to allow them to continue to develop sports provision within school and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activity. This money presently equates to £8000 per school per year plus an additional £5 per child. For our school this means approximately £9000 per year.

Our aims for the use of Sports Premium funding are :

·  increase all children’s enjoyment of being physically active, regardless of              sporting ability

·  increase participation levels in PE with the aim of lifelong participation in              physical activities and sports

·  raise standards and achievement throughout the school.


With the above aims in mind our plans for the use of the Sports Premium include:

·  raise the profile of PE and sport through celebrating and sharing pupils’                achievements on the newsletters, the website and through celebration                  assemblies,.

·  developing the PE curriculum further to provide pupils with the confidence to        try new activities as well as enhance their existing skills in a diverse range of        physical activities and environments.

·  responding to pupil and parent voice and offering a range of extra-curricular PE    and physical activity clubs to increase the number of pupil participation

·  providing opportunities to visit sporting events and to try sports activities that    they may not otherwise experience

·  increase the number of community clubs links  

·  increase opportunities children have to take part in Intra-school competitions      through House Team competitions

·  participate in local, city and county competitions and tournaments, giving the        children the chance to compete at different levels as members of the local          Sports Partnership 

·  increasing subject knowledge and confidence in teaching PE and sporting              activities through professional development of school staff 

·  ensuring pupils receive two hours or more of timetabled high quality PE each        week.

·  increasing physical activity during play and lunchtimes (even during wet                   weather) by training pupils as Play leaders, developing the role of the adult           Play leader and teaching children about making healthy lifestyle choices               (including the Fit4Fun programme).

·   continuing to invest in equipment and apparatus to support children’s                     development and increase physical activity

·    employment of a part/time specialist sports coach

·     employment of a cluster secondary school PE teacher to advise on curriculum        development

Sholing win Chelsea Cup

Year 5 Report


Yesterday, at 10:00am, Sholing Junior School pupils: Harvey Olsen, Dylan Rogers, Daniel Beggs, Joshua China, Dowayne Neufville, Max Ward, Aidan Bowers, Conor O’Donnell and Jimmy Butler travelled to Chelsea training ground at Cobham, Surrey where they won the trophy! Before they arrived they went through heavy traffic and roads that had barely any cars travelling on the soft tarmac.  


Match reports:


Sholing vs Gomer

Kick off was at 10:00am.  As we were at Chelsea we knew that teams were going to be very tough and we had to pull something out of the bag and we did! The goals were scored by Aidan as

Josh delivered a high ability cross and Aidan took his chance and made it 1-0 to Sholing. After a matter of minutes Josh passed an amazing through ball and Dylan smashed the ball into the back of the net, and suddenly it was 2-0!


Sholing vs Bedenham

After an intense twelve minutes of practising and watching our opponents, we knew we had to score many goals and our wish was granted and we won 4-0. The goals were scored by Max as Dylan passed to him and it was a cool finish from the young man. Next the goal was scored by Conor as Josh shot powerfully and the keeper pulls off a tremendous save then Conor tied up the bow and made it 2-0! Minutes after the opposition passed back to the keeper and the goalie grabbed the ball and it was a penalty for Sholing. Josh stepped up and made it 3-0. As Bedenham took their kick off Josh pressured them and took it round five players and executed a cool finish, and the final score was 4-0 Sholing.

Sholing vs Peel common

Straight from kick off Josh ran through the heart of Peel Common’s defence and then he whipped in a sweet left footed cross which was smartly put into the back of the net by Max the goal scoring machine (in seventeen seconds). Sholing made it 2-0 when Dowayne doing his defensive duties smartly passed the ball to Aidan who placed it into the bottom corner. With two minutes to go Max did a one two with Aidan and then  Max turned and smashed into the right top corner.3-0.

Sholing vs Oakwood

This was our most difficult game yet as their best player was attempting to weave in and out of our three defenders. Luckily they were in form and Daniel made a clean tackle and broke down their attack. After that Josh crossed to Aidan and he placed it into the back of the net. Shortly after the opposition pressed high and shot thankfully the goalie (Harvey) was there when the attackers charged towards him and he came out and grabbed the sphere ball. Next Harvey rolled the ball to Conor and he played a long ball towards Aidan and then he passed to Josh who took it round goalie and scored. Straight from Kick off Oakwood played a ball to their left winger and he executed a wild shot and the keeper couldn’t see the ball as it was pouring down and it was in his eyes. Suddenly we heard a “yes” from the opposition’s manager and we knew we were 2-1 up. Then the whistle blew and it was full time. Full score: 2-1 Sholing.    

Sholing v Springhill

As we were tired after the last game, both teams started well but knowing we were nearly champions we had a little spark in the team and we started to dominate. With five minutes left Josh the playmaker crossed it into Max who scored . Which led to us being champions.


Being crowned champions

After finishing the last match we observed Bedenham v Peel Common until the final whistle blow. After that Mr. Riley called us over and quoted, “Lads we’ve done extremely well and we’ve won every game. So you know what that means.” After that we knew what happened: We were the champions.  

Dylan-The heart of the Sholing, defence. Sometimes pushing onwards, but for the right reason and he did deserve his very much earned goal against Gomer. What a goal:).


Josh-The best captain ever also assisting the striker (Aidan) a lot of times last but not least Josh scored three amazing goals P.S an        all-round great footballer.


Daniel-An all-round great defender, as he shields the ball the time is ticking and reduces the opposition’s chance of scoring. Anyway he is a fantastic player for his age.


Jimmy-He is an absolute machine in the defensive role in the company of Dylan and Daniel. With that he has been improved and his confidence level is extremely high. He is a sensational player.  


Aidan-The marvellous mini-man . After watching the skillful boy, his confidence has shot up a lot and he has scored 3 amazing goals in 5 matches. He is remarkably talented.


Harvey- The sensational goalkeeper or is he an octopus saving all the goals. Harvey let one goal in he could of never saved that, “Harvey is better than Joe Hart” was said by Dylan. Superkeeper.


Max- The goal scoring machine pulling of 4 goals in 5 games (0.80) a game. Also he is an all-round team player and encourages other team mates. One good lad.


Conor- Lets start of by saying he is an absolute god in his position as he rips up the pitch while he bursts down the left wing. Before you know it he is from the edge of the penalty area to the opposition’s box and he is one of the best left backs I’ve ever seen for a child.


Dowayne- Using his pace to beat other players and his strength to win the ball ,from his opposition and then when he gets the ball he knows what to do with it either pass it or take on players.    


Mr. Riley (Gaffer)- Our manager has led us to glory as soon as  we stepped on the minibus. As soon as we took step onto the pitch he was determined to win and look what we came home with. We came home with the best child’s trophy I have ever seen. Shortly after we entered the minibus and we all started singing we are the champions.  


Mr Parnell- (Our chairman/driver) he is inspirational to us by standing on the sideline and cheering us on. Also thank you for making the right decision of going straight down the road instead of turning right thanks to you we got to Chelsea.


As we were approaching the school, we turned through the dark blue gates and we saw 230 children and 15 adults cheering us on and chanting, “We love Sholing!” when we got off the bus we had a walk of honour into the school’s office. Then we got squeezed by Stanley and George when we entered the office and then we continued with our lessons. We were tired as soon as I sat on the chair it felt like it was Christmas!       




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