Sholing Junior School

Achieving Together

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What do we do?

The Governor’s Full Board and Finance Committee meets every half term (6 times a year). The Progress Committee meets 5 times a year. Members of the staff are invited to attend meetings to provide presentations followed by questions from governors. This ensures that governors are holding staff to account for the progress of the school. All governors attend all meetings and there is also a Governors visit day once per term.


Governor visits are part of an effort to help governors keep up to date with the progress, challenges, and provision in the school, so that they can more effectively support strategic development. Each visit has a different focus and involves pupil interviews as well as visiting classrooms. While the governors are there in part to see teaching and learning in action, visits and learning walks are part of a long-term collaborative process between school staff and governors to drive improvement. As a result of the long-term collaboration between staff and governors school staff are supportive of the visits and feel that governors are engaged and familiar with how the school operates.


Governors can be contacted c/o Mrs Jane Butler, Chair of Governors, via the school.


Sholing Junior School is a member of the Hamwic Educational Trust and more information regarding the governance structure can be found at