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Poetry By Heart Competition

In October we launch our Poetry By Heart Competition. It's a time where our children can explore the poetic world and challenge themselves to performing a poem of their choice off by heart!


Last year our competition was launched by the critically acclaimed poet Joseph Coelho. He came to Sholing to share his poetry and where his passion for writing prose came from. Inspired by the world quite literally around him, Joseph used his poetry to take us to his home town of London and shared some of his favourite foods! It was such an honour! 


After a whole school assembly, some of our children even had he chance to work more closely with Joseph in two workshops he lead, exploring different ways of creating poems.


This year, our theme is based on one of Joe's collections of poems - Overheard in a Towerblock - but rather than a towerblock, we want to hear poetry that shares what's been Overhead at Sholing Junior School! 


Competition Day  Friday 8th November 2019

Competition Day 2019

How does the competition work?


Every year has a different theme, all you need to do is to choose a poem based on that theme! Can't find one? Then why don't you have a go at writing one?!


Next, it's time to start learning it off by heart. Friends and family are brilliant for helping with part. 

Using actions can also be a useful way of remembering which line of the poem you're up to.


The competition is launched just before half term so you'll have the half term to practice!


Once we're back at school, it's competition time! You'll be asked to perform your poem to your class. The best performance in each class will be selected by the class teacher and put through to the final. 


The final will take place on the same day, but this time will be during our Celebration Assembly. Finalists will them perform once more for the whole school (or via a recording if shyness appears!) in a battle to be their year group's winner!

Winners are selected by our judging panel, consisting of our Head Boy and Head Girl and one of our school Governors.


Trophies, certificates, prizes, house points and stamps are all available to our contestants who choose to take part in this fantastic competition!