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Kingswood 2019

Kingswood 2019 - Day 1


Well, we have arrive at Kingswood all safe and sound! We had a rather long wait at the ferry terminal and we all got very bored, but we definitely enjoyed our lunch on the ferry!


At 3pm, we finally arrived at Kingswood! We were shown around the site by our lovely leader April and then it was time to go to our rooms and make our beds. Some of us definitely found this trickier than others, but eventually they were all made and we were ready for our first activity of Kingswood 2019!


We were split up into our four activity groups and went off to do either archery, buggy build, environmental art or bottle rockets! Next, it was time for dinner and we were all very hungry! After dinner, we had our evening activity Scrapheap Challenge! For this activity, we had to complete challenges to earn cardboard and then use the cardboard to protect a water balloon! Some teams were more successful at this than others but we hall had lots of fun trying to save the water balloon!


Next, it was time for bed and we were all very tired (even those who tried to convince us that they weren't!) We got ready for and into bed, turned the lights out... and started chatting! Followed by more chatting and more chatting and lots of giggling! Eventually though, we all fell asleep and woke up ready for a busy day full of exciting activities!


This morning, we've had an enormous breakfast of sausages, hash browns, scrambled egg, beans, cereal, toast, fruit and yogurt - we were stuffed! After our huge feast, we were met by our leaders again and have all gone onto our morning activities! It's a blustery day with rain on the forecast but we're all dressed up warm and are raring to go!


Check back later for exciting news about day 2!


Day 1 at Kingswood

Day 1 at Kingswood 1
Day 1 at Kingswood 2
Day 1 at Kingswood 3
Day 1 at Kingswood 4
Day 1 at Kingswood 5
Day 1 at Kingswood 6

Kingswood Day 2

So mission 'Kingswood' began with an assortment of different activities that challenged our children in many different ways! We had a Yabadabadoo time with the 'Buggy Build' activity, where Isaac was sure he could teach the instructors the unders and overs of a square lashing. Some amazingly creative rockets almost made it to space in 'Bottle Rockets' (Frankie is sure his will never come down). Heights and speed were the challenge with the Zipwire (the adults were pleased there was no time for them to get involved). Nightline became a group favourite, that required team work and daring. Creative skills were explored with both Environmental Art and Team Tech and Archery tested not only our targeting and co-ordination skills, but also our impressions of Robin Hood and Merida! Then it was lunch!!!!!


Lunch was enjoyed by all, with a variety of different foods on offer. I had no idea that salad was soooo popular!


After lunch, the missions continued, with groups completeing more of the morning challenges that required them to communicate, problem solve, learn a new skill or test their resilience. We also found that the lovely Isle of Wight weather, made for some excellent puddles for exploring with our wellies and wet weather gear.


Quite the appetite had been built up ready for dinner, which seemed to go down a treat, burgers, hot dogs and chips. Mr Wakefield invented the Double Double Ultra Grand Big Mac and CheeseTM and the children continued to surprise us with how much they could pack away before an evening of Mini Olympics.


Some very tired children went to bed at 9pm, and were very quickly asleep, recharging their batteries for the next day and the host of new missions that await them.

Kingswood Day 2 and 3

Kingswood Day 2 and 3 1
Kingswood Day 2 and 3 2
Kingswood Day 2 and 3 3
The children are having a brilliant time and we hope to be able to upload more pictures and stories soon but unfortunately we have been facing a few technical internet issues that we hope to overcome.

Kingswood Day 3


We've had a wet and soggy day here at Kingswood, but we've been wrapped up in lots of layers and waterproofs. We have somehow managed to avoid getting too wet, although the children have definitely enjoyed jumping in the puddles.


The day started with an ENORMOUS breakfast! Who knew the children could eat so much! After breakfast, we set off for our morning activities. We set ourselves the challenge of seeing how high we could go on the 3G Swing. We surprised even ourselves with our bravery! Next, We put our map skills to the test in Orienteering where Josh led his team to victory. In Fencing, the children tested out their sword fighting skills, and after this, we made dens and attempted to start fires in Bushcraft (the dens were brilliant but it was a bit too wet to start the fires!).  Team Games followed, and after the physical challenge we tested our brains with Problem Solving! And that was just the morning!


Then it was time for lunch; a perfect time to refuel!  Next, it was off to our afternoon activities which   included the Leap of Faith. The children amazed us, not only by how fast they climbed up the tower, but by the bravery and resilience they displayed to make it up there! #ratupadrainpipe


We ended the day today, with a movie night, where we all spread ourselves out on bean bags keeping ourselves nice and warm before bed. Night night.

Kingswood Day 3

Kingswood Day 3 1
Kingswood Day 3 2
Kingswood Day 3 3
Kingswood Day 3 4
Kingswood Day 3 5
Kingswood Day 3 6
Kingswood Day 3 7
Kingswood Day 3 8
Kingswood Day 3 9
Kingswood Day 3 10