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Healthy Schools

The Big Pedal Monday 19th April-Friday 30th April

The Big Pedal Monday 19th -30th April

For more information click on the Active Travel icon below.

"Let's start an epidemic of happiness" 

Click on the link below for a digital wellbeing guidebook to support children aged 7-12 years brought to you by Happy Space and Now and Beyond. Lots of useful tips and ideas to go to when you need a mental wellbeing toolkit.

The Scooter safety  L Check


As we are probably using our scooters a little bit more, here is a great video clip from SUSTRANS to check if you scooter is safe to ride - the L check. Always remember to ride your scooter safely and wear a helmet. Click on the link below to watch:


For top tips on learning to ride a scooter, click on the SUSTRANS link below:


Have fun and scooter safely.

5 Ways to Wellbeing


                                  Children’s Mental Health Week (CMHW) runs 1st – 7th February, and we believe that being active and away from screens is especially important for your pupils’ wellbeing in these challenging times.

  Jenny Babey (the SUSTRANS school officer) and her colleagues have produced some video clips for a different activity for each day to stay healthy and active. All the activities are based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing:

Be Active

Take notice

Keep Learning



You will find the links and everything you need on the link below:


Have a look at these activities, which are all fun and easy things everyone can do and discover what’s around us.

Have fun and enjoy.

My Journey Wellbeing Pages January 2021


Click on the link below for loads of really useful advice and activities on staying fit and healthy.

Hi Everyone,

               A lot of the links for Healthy Schools activities have been added to the Mindfulness section of Home learning section of the website. So take a look at all the resources available, there are lots of ideas for your daily walks. 

Meditation Stories

Here are some really relaxing meditation stories, really useful if you find it tricky to fall asleep.

Sleepy Stream

The Sleep Train



Here's another great guided mindfulness clip, just click on the link. Remember you can do them as many times as you want. Which one is your favourite so far?

Your Secret Treehouse

Joe Wicks 5 minute work outs

Here are some great links for 5 minute workouts, :

Kids Workout 1

Kids Workout 2

Kids Workout 3

More great mindfulness clips to follow and try at homesmiley

Click on the links below:


Thought Bubbles


Mini the Puppy


3 Minute Body Scan


Yes You Can!


How To Beat Nerves


The Owl and The Guard Dog


The Listening Game



Change 4 Life

Do you need some tasty, healthy ideas for lunchboxes? Have a look at the Change 4 Life Website.

Mindfulness Minute

You might have heard your child talk about a Mindfulness Minute, what is it? It is just learning how to stop for one minute and focus on the present. A great explanation as to why we think it's a good idea to know how to do this is in the following clip:

You can read more about Sholing Junior School's successes and community work below.