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The construction of our new build

School Council visit to the building site

Video of staircase being put in place

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Week 1

  • Some trees have been removed and canopies lifted to allow the big vehicles access to the site
  • Mountjoy builders have mobilised and the heavy equipment and site huts have been delivered
  • Harris fencing has been erected to keep the building site secure
  • The garden path is finished and harris fencing erected to keep people safe
  • A new pedestrian site entrance has been made to access the new garden path

Week 2

The builders have made an amazing amount of progress this week.

  • The Pergola and all of the play equipment has been removed
  • Part of the South playground has been dug up and the 'footings' for the building have been cemented into the ground

Weeks 3 & 4

The builders are now ahead of schedule which is really good news.


So far they have cleared the bike shelter, we will have a new one in September, cleared away some of the playground fencing, to enable the playground to be larger when the new build is completed and started to level part of the playground near the trees, again so that there is more playground once the new build is up.


They have also started on the drainage systems and are now waiting for the steels to come for the main framework of the build.


These hopefully be ready in the next week or two, and will then be hoisted into place by a crane possibly w/c 21.03.2016.


Weeks 4 & 5 


We have a very exciting week this week.  

The crane arrived Tuesday morning, 7.00am and is HUGE!  and will be used to lift the steels in position to form the framework of the build.


Mr Payne has been taking photos for us, which are loaded in the slideshow.


The children in 4H and 5R have a fantastic view of the day to day progress (right out of their windows!)  and today Mr Hutchinson and Mr Langston took the rest of the children out to the front of the school to give them a better view.


Over the Easter holidays the main structure of the ground floor will be put in place and by the time the children return to school the first floor and roof structure will be in place.  


Next will be the masonary work and drainage.

Week 6


Over the Easter holidays the foundations for the ground floor were laid.  The steel supports have been strengthened and beam and block has been put in place for the ground floor, along with the start of the stair case.


This week there will be scaffolding erected ready for the next phase of the build, which will include the first floor metal floor structure and roof.

Weeks 7 & 8

The build is progressing well, last week the scaffolding was erected and the concrete arrived and was poured for the floors.


Now we have received the bricks and the masonary work will start soon.  


Last week Mr Langston was able to take the school council into the build for them to see the progress and talk to the Site Manager and what will be happening next.

Week 10

We are very excited because the Key Stone arrived this week.  It commemorates the life of James Brindley Nicolson, the only Battle of Britain pilot to be awarded the Victoria Cross.  The dog fight that he was awarded the medal for took place over Southampton on 16th August 1940..

Week 18


The Met Sec has now been fully installed at long last and the insulation walling boards are in place.


This has allowed for the brick work to start and the contractor is catching up with lost time.  We have more bricklayers on site than originally planned to help to get us back on time to our programme.


The weather is helping by being kind to us, and the bricks have now just gone beyond the first floor, 8th June, so all seems well on track.



Weeks 19 & 20

Exciting news - its been confirmed that we will have new windows throughout the school, not just in the new build so when we come back to school in September the windows will have all been replaced.


On 21st June the builders will start to cut through the music room and will start to take down the ceiling of the room next week.  We will be able to use the room again once the builders have finished.


Next week the builders will start the first fix of electrics and on Wednesday the ICT requirements will be confirmed.



Progress during 6 weeks holidays:


We are now in the final stretch to finish the new building.  


The classrooms have windows in, ceilings being put in and we have started to decorate and on 18th August the carpets will be put down.


The toilets have been fitted - looking lovely!


The grounds team have put in the new cycle shelter and we will be having two new parking bays ready for September.


All the new furniture has arrived for the classes which will start to be put in place by 22nd August, and the internet will be fitted in time for the new term.



Mountjoy (contractors) have been working really hard to keep us on schedule and we would like to thank them for ensuring our new building is ready to take the children in September.



The New Build was opened on Monday 5th September 2016.  Please see the official opening ceremony extract from BBC News in the Video and Photo Gallery (Children Tab).
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