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Mission Stormbreaker Proposal for Parents

Mission Stormbreaker: the new residential for Year 5!

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'Alex Rider Spy Academy'
Youth Hostel Association
Wye Valley (Near Wales)
Spring 2018 (Late April/early May)
3 nights (4 days)
Meeting for parents to follow...

A Year Out and About.

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Just one of the busy days during the Wales residential.

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Welcome from a VERY wet Kingswood!


The trip over was smooth and the Solent was really calm. The sun was shining all the way and there was absolutely no travel sickness.

Last night we took part in our first activity sessions of Archery, Aeroball and Team Tech (making things).This was followed by a visit to the 'Kingswood Bistro' for a lovely curry.  In the evening we took part in the Trail of Mystery - a Kingswood Agatha Christie game.  All of the staff dressed up as strange characters.  Mr Parnell was a bald Vicar!  After an hour of intensive detective work it was revealed that Miss Hendry stole the jewellery. We finally collapsed in our beds at 9.30pm and EVENTUALLY everyone got to sleep.  


Today the weather has become wet and windy.  Fortunately, everyone is wrapped up warm and ready to brave the elements.

We experienced a new activity today called Environmental Art.  The children collected natural materials from the woods and constructed works of art (please see pictures below).  Some of the groups also enjoyed their most challenging activity so far .... Abseiling from the top of a very high tower!


Force 8 winds followed by a hailstorm but no weather on Earth can stop Sholing Junior School!  We still managed to abseil, zip down a wire and go bushwhacking.  This was later followed by a trip to the beach.   Although the rock pools were underwater, we still managed to enjoy ourselves because the instructors brought buckets and spades.  They also showed us how to apply 'war paint' using wet chalk stones.  The evening activity was 'Hotspots' - a massive game of Twister.


The sun is shining again and it's time for Nightline and the 3G swing.  For Nightline we put on blindfolds and crawled through mud - sorry mum!  The 3G swing was the biggest challenge of the week as it is really scary.  Mr Parnell and Miss Hendry even had a go and those nasty children raised them to the highest point possible before letting go.. Miss Hendry screamed so loud that a person in Portsmouth called out the coastguard. It was Charlie's birthday and Kingswood kindly made a giant birthday cake.  


After a really good sleep it is time to pack the suitcases and depart.  Some of the clothes may have got mixed up and you might find someone else's pants in the bag.  We do not want them back!!! We have had another hearty cooked breakfast and are looking forward to the final activities of the week. We'll be home today and expect to arrive back at school sometime between 3.30 - 4.00pm.  Please meet us and be prepared for a big wash at the weekend.


Kingswood 2016

KIngswood 2016

Kingswood 2016


Education doesn't just take place in the classroom

Education doesn't just take place in the classroom 1 WW 2 Cemetery - Normandy

Kingswood 2016


All the children have arrived at the centre, after enjoying a pleasant crossing on the ferry. Teachers have reported that the children have been very well behaved and were very excited on arrival. They have all chosen their beds and are now preparing for their first activity of the day. All fingers are now crossed for good weather!!

Magdalen project parent presentation

France 2015

France 2015 1 Leap of Faith
France 2015 2 Reach
France 2015 3 Achieve
France 2015 4
France 2015 5
France 2015 6 Pegasus Bridge
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