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How time flies!! We've just completed our final full day and we've really packed in the activities today, especially with The Leap of Faith, our main focus today.


With scrambled eggs and bacon piled high for breakfast, we set off into our activities this morning, from buggy building, bushcrafts such as building dens and filtering water, to leaping through the air from a telegraph pole, we've had a great time.


Many of us are looking forward to coming home but very focused on achieving the goals we've set and building our resilience. 


Fire up the washing machines parents, as we have some pretty muddy gear and very smelly socks festering in suitcases!!!


We have two more activities in the morning and then homeward bound, with an expected arrival time of 4pm. If the time should change, we will try to contact you through parent mail. 



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What a beautiful day, the sun gods have been shining on us today and a hint of Spring has filled the air.


After a good night's sleep for most of us, we began the morning with sausages and beans, cereal and toast and set off with full stomachs for the 3G Swing and a walk down to the beach. Today, we were much more successful in our discoveries in the rock pools, with our buckets filled with crabs and shrimp.


We've really had to be brave today as well, with abseiling and 3G swing testing our nerves and resilience, with many achieving personal goals which our teachers have been very impressed with.


We've also been able to spend our money at the shop which was really been burning a hole in our pockets, and lots of exciting purchases have been made.


At lunch we enjoyed fish fingers and chips, and made our way out to the field to fire bottle rockets which was fantastic fun, especially getting sprayed with water.


After a dinner of meat and vegetable pie or macaroni cheese, we really enjoyed our disco getting all dressed up and showing the teachers how to do the "floss!"


We're all tucked up in bed and it hasn't taken long to begin snoring!!


We have Leap of faith tomorrow which is one of our big challenges, fingers crossed!!




Sholing Junior School does not permit the use of personal mobile phones by pupils on residential trips. Not only is the unmonitored use of a mobile phone by a child a safeguarding concern but it can cause great distress for children suffering from homesickness to speak to a parent whilst they are away from home, and it often makes matters worse! Any phones discovered will be confiscated and returned on arrival back at school.



Tuesday 6th March 2018


What a great day!! It took us a long time to get to sleep last night, mainly because we were so excited to be here and looking forward to the great activities on offer. 


This morning we work up and by 8:30 we had been fed with bacon, hash browns, bowls of cereal and toast setting us up for the day.


We've experienced the 3G swing, archery, environmental art, field games and a lovely walk down to the beach where we did lots of rock pooling, but didn't find very much!


Lots of us have been very brave pushing ourselves to the limits and supporting each other through out the activities. Our teachers and helpers are extremely proud of us and are looking forward to seeing what else we can achieve this week.


The sunshine has been out, rain fallen and now we are surrounded by thick fog, so thank you for packing all those weather proofs and thick layers.



Kingswood 2018


We have arrived safely and only had one victim to the choppy seas, which happened to be a member of staff!!!

We've all chosen our bed, watched adults make our duvets and pillows and enjoyed a lovely warm meal of lasagne or chicken.


We've now just set off for our first activities of night line and team tech.


Bedtime will be 9:30 after another activity of Scrapheap challenge in preparation for an extremely busy day tomorrow.


We should be able to send you some pictures tomorrow as well!






Mission Stormbreaker Information for Parents

Mission Stormbreaker: the new residential for Year 5!

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'Alex Rider Spy Academy'
Youth Hostel Association
Wye Valley (Near Wales)
March 20th-23rd
3 nights (4 days)
Meeting for parents to follow...

A Year Out and About.

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Just one of the busy days during the Wales residential.

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Education doesn't just take place in the classroom

Education doesn't just take place in the classroom 1 WW 2 Cemetery - Normandy

Magdalen project parent presentation

France 2015

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