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Following the recent results from the pollution tubes put up around the school, the Junior Travel Ambassadors sent home the following letter.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are writing to tell you about our experiment to find out how much pollution is caused by extra traffic when parents are driving their children to school compared with school holiday times.

Tubes were set up by the main gate on Middle Road and at the rear of the school building to measure pollution levels during school time. Information was collected and recorded.

Then, in the school holidays, the test was repeated and recorded. To our shock and amazement, the results showed that the level of pollution had increased by 33% when children were driven to school during term time.

SHOCK HORROR! It is widely known that you breathe in more pollution in a car than when you walk alongside roads!

By walking to school, or scooting, we could reduce pollution, help the environment, save money spent on petrol and, most importantly, improve the health and fitness of our children and adults

The Junior Travel Ambassadors are working hard on planning a campaign to reduce the use of cars to travel to and from school and get as many people as possible to actively travel.

YOU CAN HELP by… encouraging your children to travel actively to school. Here are some ways; cycling, scooting, walking or park and striding.


Thanking you in advance for your support

The Junior Travel Ambassadors of Sholing Junior School

Babs'Active Travel Diary

The Junior Travel Ambassadors have launched Babs’ Active Travel Diary to help support and encourage more active travel.

Babs is the orange bird from Southampton City Councils My Journey active travel campaign. The JTA’s will randomly choose one person each week to take home Babs and her Active Travel Diary.

Over the weekend we would like for the carer of Babs to make at least one active journey eg walk, scooter, cycle or take the bus somewhere, it could be to the shops, the park or visiting friends and family. Then they can write or draw about it in Babs’ Active Travel Diary.

Babs would need to be returned to school on the Monday morning ready for the following week.

Matti Hemmings

A fabulous display this morning from BMX champion Matti Hemmings. Thank you so much for coming along and showing us so many of your tricks and stunts. For those of you who want to see more of Matti he will be on TV on the 5th July at 5.30 BBC1 on Officially Amazing.

The Smoothie Bike was also extremely popular at the summer fayre with a choice of juicy fruits from apricots to watermelon. Just what was needed on a hot summers day.

The Bike Doctor

A huge thank you to the Bike Doctor who checked over so many bikes on Saturday to make sure they were safe.

Future Events

Thursday 15th June - National Clean Air Day

Saturday 17th June - Summer Fayre, Bike Dr and Smoothie Bike

19th- 23rd June - The first Southampton Inter Schools Scooter Challenge

21st June - Parent and child bike maintenance after school

Congratulations Sholing Junior School

The Junior Travel Ambassadors were invited to a full cabinet meeting at the Civic Centre to receive a trophy and a prize for Sholing Junior School as we had come first in The Big Pedal in Southampton. Proudly, two JTAs received the prize from the Mayor and we have won a demonstration for the whole school by the extremely talented Matti Hemmings,a Professional BMX Flatland rider and a Guinness World Record Holder. Click on the link below

In addition to this we also received the Bronze Sustrans School Mark award for active travel. Both awards can be seen in the cabinet in the main School office.

Council members were full of praise for both children and staff at Sholing Juniors and expressed their thanks for everyone's hard work and dedication.

All in all it was an extremely successful day and I felt very privileged to accompany this dedicated team of young people who represented a fantastic school. Well done to everyone.

Walk To School Week 15th-19th May

It's Walk to School week this week. Each class has been given a wallchart and everyday they walk to school they will pop on a sticker next to their name onto the chart. At the end of the week everyone who has walked to school this week will receive a fridge magnet. Let's get walking!


Happy Shoesday Tuesday 16th May

Well done everybody who wore their happy shoes today. Mrs Johnson in the office certainly needed her slippers today after walking 26 miles on Saturday night for the London Moon Walk!


Future Events

Happy Shoesday -Tuesday 16th May

National Clean Air Day -Thursday 15th June

Parent/Child bike Maintenance -Wednesday 21st June

Southampton’s first every inter-schools Scooter Challenge 19th – 23rd June 2017!

Congratulations Sholing Junior School

The Big Pedal was a massive success, so many of you came to school on 2 wheels either cycling or scooting,we came 1ST IN SOUTHAMPTON!!!! So some amazing prizes will be sent to us shortly.

A total of 1673 schools in the UK participated in The Big Pedal, completing an incredible 1,063,474 journeys by bicycle or scooter.

We came 1st in Southampton.

We were 3rd in the South East of England.

We were 110th in the country.

Well done to everyone both children and adults.


Free books donated

One company was so impressed by our efforts that they donated some incredible books for our school, so a massive THANK YOU to Darren Ruddell at Serious Comedy for your very kind donation. Mrs Reading was very keen to log them onto the system for the library,



The Big Pedal

This is proving to be a huge success, well done to everyone, pupils, parents, grandparents, child minders, brothers and sisters, who are travelling to school on 2 wheels. At the moment we are FIRST in Southampton and 7th in the South East of England with 38.67%! This can change on a daily basis so keep up the great work and keep on pedalling and scooting, just one more week to go.


Smoothie Bike

Well done to everyone who made a smoothie this morning. Great fun was had by all and the smoothies were delicious. We will arrange for the smoothie bike to be in again.


Year 4 Scooter Training

Once again this was a great success as all Year 4's learnt how to brakes safely, brake in an emergency and scooter control.

The Big Pedal

What a fantastic start to The Big Pedal, well done to all pupils and adults who have cycled or scooted to school this week.

Well done to all the JTA's who have been collecting and recording the data and putting it onto The Big Pedal website.


Thursday 23rd March - Events Day

The Junior Travel Ambassadors have arranged for a few events to take place this Thursday in school.

Smoothie Bike

Firstly the Smoothie Bike will be in for anyone travelling actively into school, it will be on a first come first serve basis.


JTA shop

There will also be travel safety items being sold during the break times by the JTA team in the playground.

Price List

Small snap band - 50p

Large snap band -70p

Small lights - £3

Large Lights £4

Lock set - £6.50


Year 4 Scooter Training

All Year 4's will receive scooter training from Stuart Williams, the Bike It officer from Southampton City Council. So remember to bring in your scooter if you have one.


So keep on enjoying the cycling and scooting smiley


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