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Inventions Week Launch 


Today was the launch of our Inventions Week. All the children came into school dressed as scientists or inventions. They looked absolutely fantastic - we had lots of mad professors and even a life size phone! We can't forget the adults though. Mr Langston was Albert Einstein for the day and Mrs Jewell was a science workman. 


All children were very excited to meet our special visitor Ian B Dunne who is a local scientist. He came to inspire us using some wacky inventions and incredible scientific discoveries. Everyone gathered for a whole school assembly and then each year group got the opportunity to attend a workshop with Ian to extend their knowledge and excitement. It was the perfect start to what will be a very exciting week. 

Feeling Great Summer Term homework grid


Egyptian Holiday! 


Today we went on holiday to Egypt as tourists visiting the Pyramids. Before flying we had to work out a maths luggage problem and then we were given a budget of £2000 to spend on the entire holiday (Miss Hendry and Mr Langston were feeling generous!)


After working out which flight and hotel we wished to stay at (and using our maths skills to deduct the cost from our budget) it was then time to fly! We were ushered into Langston towers airport and even given some on board entertainment and food. It was a bit of a bumpy flight though! Throughout the remainder of the day we booked various excursions and made sure to have a photo with a camel! It was a great day! 


Itchen College Visits


Over the past few weeks, Year Four have been visiting Itchen College to be taught various sports by the students there and support them in their coaching learning. The children have learned various new basketball and hockey skills as well as improving their teamwork and coordination. They have extremely looked forward to their weekly visits and have consistently represented the school brilliantly with their sensible and polite behaviour. 

Mummy Coding!

Today we were learning how to give a computer a set of directions. This is also known as coding. We were given four instructions that we could use to guide our learning partner through the classroom. These were clear, short instructions such as:

  • Forward one
  • Backwards one
  • Right turn 90 degrees.

If we used any other vocabulary our robot would not understand and instead would say “Do not compute!” After we practiced this, we decided to have another go dressed as mummies! Wrapping our partner in toilet roll (and lots of it) we guided our partners through the classroom and across the corridor. It was very important to show good listening so that people followed the instructions and didn’t hurt themselves. Our classroom was a mess after this but it was worth the tidying up! 

Spring 1 homework - Egyptians

Monday 5th January 2016

Egyptian Afternoon!

This afternoon we began our new topic ‘Ancient Egyptians’ by having a really fun afternoon of learning! We got into groups of ten and had the opportunity to try out different activities as an introduction to what we will be learning about. There were artefacts to explore and sketch, books to research who they worshiped as well as plenty of maps available so we could locate Egypt! In addition, we were fortunate enough to try some Egyptian delicacies such as dates and watermelon (drizzled with honey of course!) Finally, plenty of toilet rolls were used to mummify our models! Everyone is very excited to find out more about how they lived and what life was like during this fascinating period of history. 



Egyptian Museum!

Year 4 Homework tasks Autumn 2

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